Last week, we talked about women’s memorable experiences with sex toys.

Many revealed in Ilta-Sanomat's sex survey that toys have taken sex to a whole new level - either with a partner or as a solo.

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However, when asked about the most memorable experience with a sex device, not all respondents have memorized moments of pleasure.

For quite a few, the most memorable experiences have been the times when a sex toy has popped out at a completely wrong moment.

Based on the answers, it also seems to be common that the use of toys does not always go to the button.

My most memorable experience with a sex tool was ...

"The toys remained on the table and the anus pin in place when the neighbor suddenly came over for coffee."

Male, 20

"When a girlfriend suddenly had to check in her hand luggage at the airport, and there was a dildo in her bag."

Male, 45

"Mom was looking for something in my closet and she was about to open the sex box."

Female, 39

“The penis extension unexpectedly stayed inside me, and then every effort was made to get it out.

It took several tens of minutes to fight - and in the end we succeeded. ”

Female, 52

“My ex sometimes bought a vibrator shaped like a beaver with its tongue out.

The appearance of the instrument was mostly amusing. ”

Female, 30

“The toddler had somehow managed to find a penis ring and brought it on display while friends were visiting.

Surreptitiously, I returned it, and the child continued his own clips.

No one said anything, but they probably noticed what he had in his hand. ”

Female, 35

“I felt suffocated with a gag.

It didn't excite anyone, it scared me too much. ”

Female, 51

"I had forgotten my penis ring for the night and ... Well, it's never been as hard and big as when I woke up to that pain."

Male, 24


 The neighbor never found out what his carpet whip had been used for.

“The power supply from the vibrator went short-circuited.

The fire was extinguished with a bucket of water (8 liters). ”

Male, 70

“In the early days of the relationship, we had sex in the bedroom while a guy was sleeping on his shoulder.

We used a smaller anus pin that, when I got an orgasm, took off at a rapid pace, bumping into the wall.

From the living room was heard, ‘what was that?’ ”Woman, 34

“I bought a butterfly at a sex fair, but I didn’t figure out how to fasten those ribbons.

I went to a friend to ask for help, and her husband came to the kitchen just as we tried, ‘where is this going?’ ”Woman, 47

"The key to the handcuffs must have been lost for an hour, and the woman was already starting to panic."

Male, 57

“That’s when the Vibrator slipped inside my ex-girlfriend.

Surprisingly hard to dig out. ”

Male, 29

“When a child found a sex toy in a box and came to ask if it was a unicorn horn.

My mother was in the village. ”

Female, 33

“Sometimes we fetched a neighboring apartment from the porch to borrow a carpet whip as a whip tool.

The neighbor never found out what his carpet whip had been used for. ”

Female, 35

“I ordered the dildo for myself for the first time and I hadn’t thought about looking at its size before ordering.

It so happened that some sort of xxl rubber tip popped into the post, the size of which I was even shocked!

It was never available, and the next time I looked closely I wasn't ordering anything too big. ”

Female, 25


 It was meant to have to turn to the help of firefighters.

“Once my boyfriend pressed my anus pin during sex so hard it pushed inside me.

There was a little panic in it, but luckily I got it pushed out eventually.

There was a pretty long break before I dared to try the pin again. ”

Female, 22

“I ordered an artificial vagina in the mail and immediately after opening the package I started to push in with the slider.

It happened, so I put more slippers.

Then it happened really well, and the head of the glove was all in the blood.

As a typical man, I had not read the instructions for use, so the protective tube of the artificial vagina was not removed and it split the head of the glans. ”

Male, 51

“The geisha balls didn’t come out.

The rope was missing and I did all the tricks to get them out.

The next day, they just dropped by themselves - and of course while I was working in customer service! ”

Female, 41

"The guy at the time got angry because the dildo was bigger than his penis."

Female, 40

“That’s when the key to the handcuffs was lost.

It was supposed to have to turn to the help of firefighters, but help was found in the neighbor. ”

Female, 43

“Too small a penis ring got stuck and my erection didn’t drop.

Being naked in the stairwell helped. ”

Male, 37

“I got seven orgasms in the tube with a vibrator.

That's why I had a two-day migraine. ”

Female, 54

"When the vibra went on in the box during the move, there was a bit of entertainment for the relocators."

Female, 38

Ilta-Sanomat found out people's sex experiences and thoughts with an online survey.

A total of 11,390 people responded to the survey.

The survey was conducted on 4-8.

June 2020.