Budding bald at a young age, wide hips and heavy walking.

Not at all the look of a first lover typical of a Hollywood male star.

This is how the film critic Jean-Babtiste Thoret brutally describes young Jack Nicholson in the novelty documentary Dr. Jack and Mr. Nicholson.

Growing up in a small town in New Jersey, Jack Nicholson had driven across America to California at the age of 18 in pursuit of a movie star.

At school, the boy, mocked as a bunny, wanted to get out of deaf circles.

Nicholson, who was hired as a running boy in MGM’s animation department, quickly found that he didn’t fit into the framed mold of Hollywood male actors.

Director Roger Corman, known for his Class B movies, saw Nicholson’s potential and offered him roles.

- Jack was very smart, sharp and had a perverted sense of humor.

Jack always did his own thing: He acted himself, Corman says.

In the late 1950s, the big Hollywood studios lost their power in Hollywood and the smaller ones started to rise.

Corman recruited future legends for his stable: Francis Ford from Coppola to Martin Scors and Jonathan Demm to Dennis Hopper.

The same group included Nicholson, whose first breakthrough film was Easy Rider in 1969. In his quarter-hour role as a drunken lawyer, Nicholson captured the entire film and won a male Oscar nomination for it.

Suddenly, Nicholson became Hollywood’s hottest name.

The man gave the Kits to the main roles in The Godfather and Blowing, among others.

- The godfather was promising.

I had always wanted to play with Marlon Brandon.

I was offered a lead role, but I think it requires an Italian actor and I didn’t have any scenes with Brando, he explained from his role model.

The documentary highlights that Nicholson has exhausted himself in his roles in his more than 50-year career.

“The film was a blank page on which Nicholson wrote the story, revealing the dark sides of himself,” says biographer Patrick McGilligan.

Anjelica Huston put up with Nicholson's side jumps in 17 years together. Photo: James Colburn

The insatiable lover used his own experiences in his role in the Years of Manhood (1971).

The compulsive need to seduce was revenge for the bad experiences of women in their youth.

After Chinatown (1974), a story spread to the world about how Nicholson’s June sister was not her sister, but her mother.

June, who became pregnant at the age of 16, had no idea of ​​the child’s father, and the child ended up being raised by his mother.

Jack Nicholson in Chinatown (1974).

As privacy raged, rage crept into Nicholson’s roles.

One flew over the back of the hand (1975) behind the scenes was not known because Nicholson was in his role and because not, so naturally he presented a mentally ill person.

As Hohdo’s (1980) psychopathic Jack Torrance, Nicholson no later tore his image to pieces and gave it back.

According to the documentary, the biggest disappointment of Nicholson’s career was that he did not succeed as a director.

In 2010, the legend withdrew from the movies after the How Do You Know comedy because he wanted to keep the rest of his life as his own.

He is now 83 years old.

Jack Nicholson has not played roles since 2010.Photo: Mary Evans

The famous smile and sunglasses have rarely been seen in public since then.

Childhood friend Jonathan Epaminondas reveals why Nicholson wraps his eyes in sunglasses.

- Jack has said that without the sun glasses I'm just old and bald fat man.

With them I have Jack Nicholson.

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