Kimi Räikkönen can handle it.

In Finland, Alfa Romeo's sequel is without a final seal if Autosport is to be believed.

Räikkönen himself answered the sequel in his familiar secret style.

In any case, Räikkönen will continue, and his F1 career is already record-breaking in any case.

No one has driven more race kilometers than “Iceman”.

This also embarrasses Haas veteran driver Romain Grosjean.

The 34-year-old man from the 176 F1 race has experienced him too, but the Frenchman is still far from Räikkönen's 325 race.

- It's unbelievable to think that ... when did he start, in 2000?


Well, that's when I started my karting career.

And now in 2020, he’s still here and enjoying the race, Grosjean said in an interview with F1 on the series ’Twitter account.

Grosjean drove Räikkönen as a teammate on Lotus 2012–13.

In light of the points, these were also the best F1 seasons in the French driver's career, even though he was behind Räikkönen in the same car.

Grosjean has been seen in his career - and is still seen occasionally - if in some kind of run-offs and collisions.

- I've had a really nice time with Kim.

He wasn’t as talkative at all then as he is today, but I learned a lot from him.

I saw how he focused on the weekend and thought about things like race speed as well as tire wear.

Kimi Räikkönen has always followed his own paths.Photo: Hoch Zwei / MVPhotos / Zuma

Grosjean and Räikkönen often fight on the track, as Haas and Alfa Romeo compete for the same places, mostly outside the points.

- Kimi is a great guy.

It's great to race against him.

He always knows he’s leaving the room and we’ve had good fights this year.

It's been nice.