The North Karelia District Court has arrested a man from Kontiolahti for probable reasons on suspicion of violent opposition and several beatings by the official.

At the end of September, the man threatened the police patrol with a loaded shotgun.

The situation began when police received a notification through the emergency center on a September evening that a man had beaten his elderly parents at their home in Kontiolahti.

After the assault, the man had left and taken his father with a shotgun.

Several police patrols were alerted after the man, and a moment later the police patrols spotted the car being driven by the man near their parents' home.

The man was driving at a quiet speed but still refused to stop despite a police call to stop.

The man was still meandering on a narrow dirt road from side to side, preventing police cars from driving alongside the man.

Eventually, the car was stopped when a police car pushed a man-driven car into a ditch.

Immediately after being pushed into the ditch, the man took the shotgun from the car and pointed it at the police car behind him, inside which sat a police patrol.

The man gave up the gun after being ordered, and after the arrest, another weapon was found in the car the man was carrying: a double-barreled shotgun with a cartridge in both barrels.

In addition, some shotgun cartridges were found in the car.

The man blew a reading in the police breathalyzer in excess of drunk driving.

When police spoke to the man's parents, it emerged that the man had beaten his parents several times before.

The man lives in the same house with his parents.