A sixty-year-old officer has been arrested in Heiloo on suspicion of official corruption, the National Office of the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said on Thursday.

A suspected criminal contact of the agent, who is also sixty, has been arrested in Beverwijk.

The police officer is also suspected of violating the duty of confidentiality, computer hacking and the use of police information for his own purposes, the OM writes.

During a search of his home, his mobile phones, administration and computers were seized.

The home of the suspected criminal contact was also searched.

Both suspects have been detained for two weeks.

In the interest of the investigation, the two should only have contact with their lawyer.

Connection with the EncroChat hack unclear

The police officer is arrested after an investigation by the Corruption Approach Team.

This team was recently set up after the hacking of the encrypted messaging service EncroChat and focuses on signs of corruption within the police that came to light.

The investigation into the agent had been going on for several months, says a spokesperson for the National Public Prosecutor's Office in conversation with NU.nl.

Whether the agent's arrest is also related to EncroChat, the spokesman could not say.

The team is also reportedly investigating corruption unrelated to EncroChat.

The Corruption Approach Team is a collaboration between the National Criminal Investigation Department and the National Police Unit.

EncroChat leads to many criminal cases

Thanks to the hack of the chat service in April, the judiciary was able to read live conversations between criminals for months.

How much corruption has been exposed within the police in this regard is still unknown.

The millions of cracked messages are currently still being investigated.

The EncroChat hack led, among other things, to the discovery of a torture chamber built by criminals.

The lawsuit against Roger P. that followed is one of the first to arise from the crack of the chat service.

The squat will probably lead to many more criminal cases.

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