In Russia, people are being warned about the severe corona autumn and winter, which seems to be becoming more difficult than last spring.

Virologist Anatoly Altshtein tells the news agency Ria Novost that the situation in Russia is getting worse with the second wave.

- We are exceeding the spring records.

The wave will be tougher than it was then, Altshtein said.

According to Altshtein, the reversal of coronavirus infections is associated with autumn, when respiratory infections increase normally.

He estimates that infection rates will continue to rise for some time to come, after which a stabilization phase will be reached.

- It is very difficult to predict, but I estimate that the number of infections will continue to grow or stabilize at a high level of infection rates for at least another month, he said, according to Izvestija.

Natalya Pshenitshnaya, deputy director of a research institute under the Rospotrebnadzor, also gave a slightly different gloomy assessment when she spoke at the Russian Virology Days.

According to Pshenitshnaya, who specializes in infectious diseases, the coronavirus will be Russia's trouble for at least the next two years.

“We expect the coronavirus to remain quite active for the next two years and will have hot spots in different areas from time to time,” he said, according to Ria Novost.

First aid workers transferred the patient to St. Petersburg on Monday wearing different levels of protection.Photo: Olga Maltseva

According to official statistics from Russia, it was announced on Tuesday morning that 11,615 new coronavirus infections had been detected in the country during the past day.

It is the second largest daily figure in the country ever.

One day last May, the figure was even higher, at 11,656 new infections a day.

In Russia, a total of 1,237,504 cases of covid-19 have been reported so far throughout the corona pandemic.

Coronavirus-related deaths have been reported in 21,663. There are also doubts about the coverage of official figures, as some covid-19s have previously been reported as common pneumonia and some deaths have been reported as some other underlying disease.

Russia's own coronary vaccine, Sputnik V, is not yet widely used, but is still being tested.

However, numerous Russian politicians and authorities have already taken the vaccine and President Vladimir Putin is also said to be considering the vaccine.

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko recently reminded Russians of the importance of precautionary measures related to the coronavirus.

According to him, the worst situation in the country with regard to the coronavirus is in large cities.

President Putin also recalled the dangers of the coronavirus.

However, he said, Russia is now well prepared.

- The threat of the virus has not yet disappeared, it has not given way, but we are ready for all possible developments, Putin assured in a video conference to members of the Duma.

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New restrictions on the movement of people have already been introduced in Moscow.

The school autumn holidays were extended to two weeks in order to curb the increase in the number of infections and to prevent children attending school from passing on possible infections to other family members.

On Tuesday, it became known that Moscow is temporarily restricting subsidized public transportation for both schoolchildren and those over 65 years of age.

This is to ensure that people do not move unnecessarily on public transport when they are not offered cheap or even free travel.