Singer legend Dolly Parton turns 75 in January and has a rather fast-paced plan for her birthday.

According to the Daily Mail, Parton is considering undressing Playboy again if an agreement is reached with the magazine.

Parton first posed on the cover of a world-famous magazine 42 years ago in October 1978. He was dressed in an iconic image with a sparse, strapless black top, black ears, and glittering collar and bracelets.

At the time, 32-year-old Parton was the first country star to be seen on the cover of Playboy.

32-year-old Parton on the cover of Playboy magazine in the fall of 1978.Photo: Harry Langdon / Playboy /

Parton now says on the BBC’s Scott Mills and Chris Stark podcast that he has a clear condition for his new Playboy images.

According to him, they should be made in “good taste”.

Today, Playboy is only released as a digital version.

- I could do it if I could do it with good taste, they want it and we'll do a good interview with it.

So yes, we’ve discussed it, Parton admits to his birthday project.

Parton unveiled its plans for new Playboy images earlier this year.

At the time, she doubted she could still fit in the same outfit as 42 years ago - at least for her breasts.

According to the star, her DD cup breasts are still the same size.

- Maybe I could use it (live).

At least my breasts are still the same, Parton said according to Entertainment Weekly.

Parton said in March that he has no intention of retiring any time soon, and that the new Playboy images would be a fun continuation of his career.

Dolly Parton will give a concert in Nashville in November. Photo: Laura Farr

In addition to his long career, the outspoken Parton is known for his impressive appearance and the fact that he is not ashamed to admit that he has attended numerous beauty surgeries.

However, in 2017, the Dolly on Dolly biography revealed that Parton’s breasts are organic except for resection surgery.

- I've had breasts since I was eight.

I grew up as a woman quickly, and looked like an adult as early as age 11, Parton has told me.

Parton has stated in the past that he was not inherently pretty and therefore decided to modify his appearance.

She realizes she looks artificial, but it doesn’t bother her.

If something has bothered him about the singer’s appearance, he has changed it.

- I have taken all nipsaisut and extortion, which I could not.

The good thing is, I have my own look.

I look like a cartoon character and the cartoon characters don’t age so terribly, Parton noted last year.

Born in Tennessee, Parton is known as a long-standing country star who has had a career as a singer for more than 50 years.

Parton released his first album in 1967 and rose to the top of the country world in the 1970s.

Her best-known songs include Jolene, Joshua and Coat of Many Colors.