Many Swedish athletes have recently told the public how their appearance and weight have been severely criticized and commented on.

In the western neighborhood, the discussion has been sparked especially by a text written by sprinter Moa Hjelmer, 30, to Expressen magazine.

Hjelmer, who won gold at the Helsinki European Championships in 2012 at 400 meters, said how he has heard the comments: “others look faster, but then that one wins”.

Now the Swedish ski star, including three Olympic and three World Championship gold winners Charlotte Kalla, opened up to Expressen after receiving inappropriate questions even at press conferences.

Kalla, 33, especially remembers one shocking question that was addressed to Norwegian superstar Therese Johaug at the 2015 Falun World Championships in Sweden.

- Johaug was suddenly asked what kind of underwear she is wearing, Kalla said.

- I just shuddered.

It is clear that such questions are by no means ok, Kalla reminded Expressen.

As the Swedish biathletes Hanna Öberg and Stina Nilsson, who have commented on the topic before, Kalla also sees the importance of discussing the topic.

According to Kalla, this is a problem that affects women's sports on a large scale.

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- It seems that this reflects society more broadly.

It’s as if it’s acceptable to comment on women’s bodies or observe what they collect in their basket at the grocery store.

Commentators may not be anyone you know.

Now with social media, it’s so easy to do that, which is horrible, Kalla updated.

Therese Johaug won the World Cup overall last season.

Photo from the Nove Meston World Cup in the Czech Republic in January 2020. Photo: Plihal Libor / CTK / Zuma / MVphotos

At the 2015 Falun World Championships, Kalla won a gold medal in the ten-kilometer race and three dimmer medals.

In total, Kalla has won 22 medals at the World Cup or Olympic level.

Johaug, 32, in turn, grabbed three gold medals from Falun.

The Norwegian has won a total of 18 medals in his career.