Italy’s Sara Errani took strong rounds of her French Open second round match against Kiki Bertens of the Netherlands.

During the match, which lasted more than three hours, Bertens suffered from seizures, which caused the game to stop from time to time.

- I don't like it when someone fools around with me.

He played a fantastic match, but one moment he (Bertens) is injured and the next he runs unprecedented, the bitter Errani said after a lost match.

Already during the match, Errani acknowledged to Bertens that he had pretended to have a cramp after one ball he won.

Bertens fell on the field immediately after winning the match but managed to walk on the edge of his field to his chair.

Errani did not congratulate the crying winner at all but went straight to the costume shelter, raining witchcraft.

Sara Errani was a bad loser. Photo: Thomas Samson / AFP / Lehtikuva

According to Aftonbladet, Errani shouted on the way to the booth “v ***** culo” (loud translation: press v ***** n) so loud that the games on the adjacent pitches stopped.

The winner, Bertens, who suffered from severe pain, eventually left the field area in a wheelchair.

Kiki Bertens suffered severe pain during the match.Photo: CHARLES PLATIAU / Reuters

He later responded to criticism from Erran.

- He (Errani) can say what he wants.

Maybe I should go to show classes and start a new career.

I don’t know what’s moving in his head, but I was honestly feeling bad.

The cramps came and went all the time, Bertens said.