An incident took place in the yard of Havukoski School in Vantaa on Friday, September 11, in which a 14-year-old boy was beaten unconscious by hitting and kicking.

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The case is different from the assault on September 15 at the Kytöpuisto school in Vantaa.

According to IS data, the beatings are not related, even though the schools are located close to each other.

The victim's close circle is said to have challenged the dispute with the victim earlier in the day and expressed a desire to fight with the victim.

According to related parties, the victim was not willing to fight, but left the situation.

However, the perpetrator had been left waiting for the victim in the school yard.

After the teacher in the school yard had left, the perpetrator attacked the victim.

- The boy had shouted (the victim's) name and hit twice.

At least another blow hit the face.

He then flew to the back of his head, lost consciousness, and was kicked in the stomach, the victim's close circle is reported.

- He has been waiting for the teacher to leave and can go pull his head.

Bystanders who had been present had applied for another teacher to investigate the situation.

According to a close circle, the teacher had asked the boys to shake hands as a sign of reconciliation.

After that, the boy went cycling home.

The boy was confused and didn't remember anything about his trip home.

His face was swollen and bloody.

The teacher who arrived did not contact the authorities about the incident due to the close circle.

Police found out later that day when the boy went to the doctor and was interviewed by police called to the doctor's office.

Surveillance cameras recording the school yard recorded the assault. Photo: Joonas Salo / IS

The principal of Havukoski school did not comment on the case to IS, but directed questions to Ilkka Kalo, director of basic education in Vantaa.

Kalo emphasizes that he cannot comment on the unfinished matter under police investigation in any way.

He commented on the issue to IS on a general level on Monday.

- Of course, if an adult in a school sees that someone is unconscious or sick or in poor condition, no adult will send anyone home.

That’s when help and support or first aid is called to the scene, and that’s also a general duty for all adults, Kalo says.

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According to Kalo, the school makes a criminal report if the situation requires it.

- Of course, we also report a crime at school if such things happen.

- It matters whether the school day is running or not, Kalo explains.

The assault took place a couple of minutes after the end of the school day, after the victim boy had been leaving the school yard for home.

There were several eyewitnesses at the scene and the incident was also recorded on a recording of a surveillance camera that photographed the school yard.

- Is it then outside of school hours, if we are still in the school yard and don't even freeze to hang out in it.

It’s a little questionable, a close circle is commenting on.

How far, then, does the school’s responsibility for student safety in the school yard extend?

It is not defined in legislation, but the Board of Education's interpretation can be found in its model of school rules.

Director Matti Lahtinen from the National Board of Education highlights the part of the model according to which the teaching time can also be considered to include a reasonable time, for example a break of time after the student's last lesson or other activity.

Each school draws up its own rules of procedure, but many use the National Board of Education model as a basis.

A few days after the incident, the school principal sent a general message through the Wilma system informing him of what had happened.

Related parties say they are dissatisfied with the school's handling of the situation.

The police are investigating the case as aggravated assault, despite the fact that no blade weapon or other separate table was used in the act.

The suspected perpetrator is criminally liable, ie Timo Luoto, Commissioner of Crime, who has reached the age of 15, says about the police in Eastern Uusimaa.