Temptation Island Finland's eighth production season started on Nelonen on Wednesday.

Unlike in previous periods, this time the program was filmed in Finland instead of in the heat of Thailand.

The location was Vuokatti's surroundings in Kainuu.

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Instead of white sandy beaches and sweaty heat, the new Tempparit stars were greeted by a strong wind and chilly summer weather.

The change in circumstances did not go unnoticed by TV viewers, and many immediately focused on, among other things, how much singles and couples were on compared to previous seasons.

- It's nice to be in pain in that rain, it was discussed on Twitter.

When the couples chatted with the presenter Sami Kuronen, water lashed out of the sky and they were entangled in blankets.

As the singles presented themselves, everyone stained on the windy pier on the lake.

Kuronen's grill was suspected of heating up during the first Temppers period, as it seemed cold in Kainuu. Photo: Aleksi Jalava

However, even more attention was drawn to the fact that Sami Kuronen was also warmly dressed in a windbreaker and the tan and white t-shirt familiar from the Thai seasons were on their way.

Many spectators doubted whether Kuronen's grill could heat up in chilly Kainuu at all.

The issue was hotly debated on Twitter.