Prime Minister Mark Rutte acknowledges that two weeks ago the cabinet did not intervene firmly enough when the number of corona infections started to rise sharply.

"The package of measures should have been firmer," said the Prime Minister on Wednesday in the parliamentary debate on the corona approach.

The prime minister responded to questions from PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher, who wanted to know whether the new national measures announced by the cabinet on Monday would not come too late.

Asscher pointed out that the number of positive corona tests has increased since the summer and believes that the cabinet should have intervened harder earlier.

Looking back, the Prime Minister acknowledges that a number of things have not gone well.

The cabinet hoped to suppress new sources of infection in time with a regional approach.

An alert model where regions are categorized as 'vigilant', 'worrisome' and 'serious'.

With today's knowledge, the Prime Minister sees that the measures for the regions have been "worrisome" "not strong enough".

The cabinet hoped to bend the curve by closing the catering industry at 1.00 am and limiting group sizes in banquet halls to fifty.

Initially, the idea was to link the regional approach to clear measures, a toolbox, which regions could deploy.

However, that toolbox is still not filled.

It also turned out that consultations with the regions hindered a quick approach.

OMT wants curfew and nationwide mouth mask advice

Lilian Marijnissen (SP) wonders whether the new national measures are now sufficient.

She refers to the advice of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), the experts who advise the cabinet, recommending stricter measures to break the second wave.

Among other things, the OMT wants a curfew and recommends national advice for the use of mouth masks in public space.

The cabinet will not adopt that advice for now, but says it will keep it to hand.

A majority in the House has already reached that stage with regard to mouth masks.

Earlier in the debate, a spacious Chamber of Ministers argued for advice to wear a mouth mask in public space.

There is not yet a majority in favor of a masking obligation.