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Welcome to this live blog.

My name is Edo van der Goot and I will keep you informed of the latest developments of the corona debate that started at 11.30 am.

The debate was suspended for a while, Prime Minister Rutte has been speaking since 3.30 pm.


Mail to edo@nu.nl. 

  • View an overview of the measures that have applied since 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

  • The House of Representatives wants a national face masks policy

  • The OMT advised the cabinet to take stricter measures. 

  • The most important developments around the corona virus at home and abroad will also be published in between.

Corona debate

SP leader Marijnissen wants to know what Rutte would have done differently with today's knowledge.

The prime minister appoints the cooperation between the cabinet and the regions.

"It is complex," says Rutte.

He should also have announced a firmer package of measures just before the weekend.

During a press conference it became clear that Rutte was losing control of the virus.

Marijnissen is pleased that the prime minister acknowledges that the package of regional measures was not sufficient.

But then, according to her, the question remains whether the measures are now strong enough.

After all, the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) went further in its advice. 

For example, the experts recommended a smaller maximum group size in indoor spaces and pointed out the introduction of a curfew, it was announced on Tuesday.

Marijnissen therefore talks about a "dangerous gamble" not to take stricter measures now.

Rutte disputes that.

In any case, the prime minister thinks there was not much difference between what the experts in the OMT advised and what the cabinet ultimately decided.

2 minutes ago

Slovak government declares a state of emergency

The Slovakian government has declared a state of emergency as the number of corona infections is rising rapidly.

The authorities are given extraordinary powers: they can compel medical personnel to work, even when they are on vacation.

The government can also redistribute medical equipment, even if it concerns deliveries that have already been ordered.

However, the state of emergency also allows for a ban on meetings and demonstrations and may further restrict citizens' freedom of movement.

The decision of the right-wing populist leader Matovic is therefore considered controversial.

The state of emergency will last 45 days for the time being.

One had already been announced in mid-March, but it was canceled in mid-June.

4 minutes ago

Security guards exempt from one-and-a-half meters rule

The Cabinet has decided that private security guards do not have to comply with the one-and-a-half-meter rule if necessary.

They are thus equated with, for example, care workers and police officers, reports the Dutch Security Industry.

"Just like the police, fire brigade and healthcare, security officers from a recognized security company are an obvious exception category", according to the cabinet.

Ard van der Steur, chairman of the Dutch Security Industry, calls the decision a "recognition of the important public function that our security guards fulfill".

In the Netherlands, about thirty thousand people work as security guards, 90 percent of whom work for a company that is affiliated with the Dutch security sector.

9 minutes ago

Corona debate

ChristenUnie leader Gert-Jan Segers wants a kind of roadmap of exactly which measures are taken in which situation.

The reproduction number (R), which says something about how quickly the virus spreads, could be leading in this.  

Rutte does not want to map this out in such detail now.

The prime minister only says that we are now on a "two-split".

If the situation worsens, then the catering and cultural sector should be completely closed and no more sports matches should be played, the prime minister said.

9 minutes ago

41 minutes ago

Corona debate

PVV leader Wilders draws attention to the regular healthcare, which came under heavy pressure during the first wave.

Now there is again the risk that planned operations will be postponed.

"What do you say to the patients who need to be helped?" Wilders asks the Prime Minister.

Rutte thinks Wilders touches on a correct point.

He emphasizes that "everything is being done" to maintain regular care. 

Wilders wants a guarantee for all Dutch people who need care and do not have corona, that they will get a place in the hospital or with the doctor this year.

Rutte does not give a guarantee.

"Then I'll sell tubers for lemons."

The prime minister promises to do "his very best".

an hour ago


debate The debate will resume and Prime Minister Mark Rutte has the floor.

In his introductory words, he emphasizes again that people must obey the rules.

"It is dancing with a partner who is hardly guided", is how Rutte describes the virus.

Asscher wants to know whether the measures that apply since Tuesday evening have not come too late.

"No", is Rutte's clear answer.

He does want to learn lessons from the past. 

Still, Asscher thinks this cannot be denied.

"This should not become a hard-learning cabinet, but a learning cabinet."

The PvdA leader wonders whether the cabinet is doing enough now.

an hour ago

School leaders satisfied with education they now offer

71 percent of school leaders are satisfied with the education they can now offer, according to a poll by the General Association of School Leaders (AVS) of 642 school principals.

However, there are still concerns about the priority regulation of testing, which in their opinion has not yet started well enough. 

"After a difficult start, the priority regulation got off to a better start, but it is still not good enough. The telephone number sometimes turned out to be difficult to reach, teachers could not go the same day and the results did not arrive on time."

Because teachers cannot stand in front of the class while waiting for a test or result, it is a puzzle for schools to complete the occupation.

Sometimes classes have to be sent home. 

2 hours ago

3,302 new positive corona tests in the Netherlands The

Netherlands has set a new daily record with 3,302 new positive corona tests, according to data from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Yesterday there were 3,011.

The GGDs reported more than twenty thousand new positive tests to RIVM in the past week.

The RIVM also registered thirteen new deaths, the same number as in the previous 24 hours.

This does not mean that all of these deaths occurred in the last 24 hours.

Sometimes reports arrive later due to processing time.

The number of registered infections increased the most in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region, with 441. Among them, 259 residents of Rotterdam.

In Amsterdam-Amstelland, the number of registered infections rose by 434, including 377 residents of the capital.

In the Haaglanden region, 427 confirmed infections were added and 315 in Utrecht.

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

Municipality of Amsterdam distributes mouth masks in its own offices.

The municipality of Amsterdam will actively promote the wearing of mouth masks.

At the town hall and at the city counters, the municipality will hand out masks to people who come to arrange something.

In doing so, the municipality is implementing the "urgent advice" to wear a face mask in public places.

The caps are available from today at municipal offices.

The mouth masks advice comes from the Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region, chaired by Mayor Femke Halsema.

Together with the regions of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Haaglanden and Brabant-Zuidoost (Eindhoven and surroundings), Amsterdam-Amstelland is promoting the use of mouth masks.

The security regions hope that this policy will help to reduce the number of new infections.

Residents of Amsterdam and the surrounding area of ​​thirteen years and older are requested to wear a mouth mask in all buildings that are open to the public, including shops, restaurants and museums.

People who work in contact professions, such as hairdressers, beauticians and masseurs, are also urged to wear a face mask.

2 hours ago

German Christmas markets that are popular

with the Dutch The Christmas market in the German city of Düsseldorf, which is extremely popular with the Dutch, continues despite the corona pandemic.

The markets in other cities in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, bordering the Netherlands, are also getting the green light.

In principle, the region's Minister of Health allows the Christmas markets.

They do have to comply with all kinds of strict rules.

For example, it must not be too busy and hygiene must be right, report German media.

People who want to enjoy mulled wine at a standing table must note their name and address on the spot.

In the event of an infection, the authorities can then approach those involved.

The Christmas markets start more than a month before Christmas.

The one in Düsseldorf attracts thousands of Dutch day trippers every year.

Whether that will also happen this year is still the question.

Visitors from the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht must demonstrate in Germany that they are not infected with the corona virus.

2 hours ago

Corona debate

Rob Jetten (D66) logically wants to prevent a new 'intelligent lockdown'.

He talks about "intelligent freedom".

"That requires clarity about masks," says Jetten.

D66 also advocates national advice, such as an obligation in public buildings.

The debate is adjourned until 3 pm.

Then the votes follow.

The debate is expected to resume around 3:30 PM.

3 hours ago

Corona debate

Pieter Heerma (CDA): "We are in the middle of the second wave and tougher measures are needed."

He also wonders on behalf of the CDA whether a national duty to mask the mouth is now necessary. 

Heerma wants to know whether the cabinet is considering a curfew if it appears that the current measures are not working. 

Jetten (D66) thinks that such a curfew "very restricts freedom".

Namely more than the lockdown in March.

With a curfew, no one is allowed to go out after a certain time.

According to PVV'er Wilders that would be "symbol politics". 

Heerma emphasizes that he is not advocating a curfew.

He only wants to know from the cabinet whether it can prevent a lockdown.

SGP leader Kees van der Staaij notes that the Lower House has already set a good example with regard to curfews.

After 11 pm there will be no more debates.

3 hours ago

Corona debate

The cabinet should have provided more clarity, says GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver during his contribution. 

Klaver, like Wilders, does not advocate an obligation to mask masks, but does want this to be included in the RIVM guidelines.

According to him, a duty serves "as a big stick" and is "certainly an option" for Klaver.

GroenLinks also wants the cabinet to look again at the third support package.

The cultural sector needs extra help, just like the self-employed, says Klaver.

The so-called assets test for self-employed persons was scrapped at the very last moment.

This means that the assets are not included in the calculation of social assistance benefits.

The partner test, in which the partner's income influences the benefit, is still there.

According to Klaver, this must also be taken off the table.

3 hours ago

4 hours ago

Corona debate

According to PVV leader Geert Wilders, the cabinet has lost control of the corona virus.

"It's not because people don't follow the rules," he says.

Wilders is against an obligation to mask masks, but not against advice for masks. 

The testing policy, he says, is "an embarrassment."

Wilders finds it "unbelievable" that tests are being sent to Abu Dhabi, because the Netherlands does not have sufficient capacity.

In general, the PVV is of the opinion that too little is being invested in healthcare.

The economy is also not sufficiently supported by the cabinet, says the PVV leader.

The third aid package, which will start tomorrow and will run until June 2021, should not be phased out. 

4 hours ago

Corona debate

Dijkhoff does not necessarily want to wait for advice on the use of mouth masks.

"Today I want to choose that we wear mouth masks in indoor areas and if you walk to your place before you sit down."

Questions to the cabinet about mouth masks: "What needs to be done to introduce mouth masks? How quickly can this be done? Via which legal route? What will the age limit be?"

4 hours ago

Corona debate

VVD party chairman Klaas Dijkhoff says he is very disappointed that we no longer have the virus under control and that new measures had to be introduced.

"A small part of the Dutch flouted the rules."

If we do comply with the measures, we will prevent a lockdown, which will save a lot of jobs and hospital admissions, says Dijkhoff.

The VVD'er says about the mouth masks that they do not add much if you keep enough distance.

Face masks could therefore lead to false security.

Dijkhoff recognizes that there are places where it is simply not possible to keep a distance.

That is why, for example, in public transport a masking obligation applies.

Asscher reminds Dijkhoff that the discussion had already taken place in the summer.

Then the health organization recommended WHO to wear mouth masks.

Read more: 

How does science think about masks?

(And five more questions)

4 hours ago

4 hours ago

Corona debate

"We have come to a dangerous point", says PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher when he starts his contribution.

"It doesn't look good."

According to Asscher, "a lot of time was lost" in the past summer. 

He doubts whether the current measures, including those in the recently adopted third business support package, are sufficient.

"I hold my breath."

More needs to be done in schools to prevent infections, says the PvdA.

He also wants to keep the schools open.

Asscher also wants "clear national guidelines" for mouth masks in public spaces where mutual distances cannot be kept 1.5 meters.

As far as he is concerned, this will be an obligation.

"If something is an obligation, many Dutch people will stick to it. That's how we do something about the crisis."

Just like Marijnissen, he criticizes the fact that retailers have to enforce.

"That is not responsible."

5 hours ago

Live: House of Representatives discusses developments surrounding the corona virus

5 hours ago


debate SP leader Lilian Marijnissen starts the debate.

“It is not clear what the government's goal and strategy are,” she says.

In the summer, the number of infections increased, but according to the cabinet, the situation in the hospitals was then under control.

"If you want to push the virus back, you have to take larger, national measures."

Marijnissen does not like the fact that responsibility is constantly being shifted to other parties.

"Advice is given locally and nationally, which is then subject to discussion. But we don't have that time! We can't get rid of the virus, we have to crush it."

As an example, Marijnissen cites the advice on masks.

Since Tuesday evening, retailers have been allowed to decide for themselves whether customers should wear one.

"Shopkeepers are not boas."

Marijnissen advocates a general duty of masking in the public space.

Pieter Heerma (CDA) asks Marijnissen whether she wants to submit a law for the mandatory masking, but the SP'er does not want to go that far.

“It's about clarity,” she says.

5 hours ago

Haaglanden Medical Center makes mouth masks mandatory 

Patients, visitors and employees of the Haaglanden Medical Center (HMC) must from now on wear a mouth mask in most cases.

There is an exception for patients on the nursing ward.

The measure applies at all locations of the hospital.

The hospital board is taking the measure in response to the call by Mayor Jan van Zanen to wear mouth masks in public indoor areas.

More hospitals see a mandatory mask as a way to reduce the risk of infections.

Gelderse Vallei hospital announced last week that patients, carers and visitors must wear a mouth mask.

The Gelderland hospital hands them out and does not allow people to use their own mouth masks.

The St. Antonius Hospital, with eight branches in Utrecht and the surrounding area, has been asking patients and carers to wear a mouth mask in the waiting areas of outpatient clinics and research departments since mid-August.


Hollandse Hoogte


6 hours ago

Courts remain open

Hearings on location will continue despite the tightened corona measures.

The Council for the Judiciary says that this is possible, because all courts have been set up safely.

In recent months, sessions have been rescheduled or took place via a Skype connection.

That did not always go smoothly: it happened several times that the connection with the prison - where the suspects are - was broken because the time was up. 

Journalists could follow several major cases, including those against Thijs H. and Jos B., via Skype.

Courts have also opened hearings to the public via a live stream.

6 hours ago

7 hours ago

Israel restricts demonstrations over corona crisis, but critics doubt that

after hours of debates, the Israeli parliament approved a law on Wednesday

morning restricting demonstrations to stop

the spread of the corona virus.

Critics believe the law aims to silence opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The new law prohibits Israelis from demonstrating more than 1 mile from home and is part of the lockdown that has been in effect since September 18.

Despite that lockdown, thousands of people took to the streets in recent days to demonstrate against Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is engaged in a corruption process.

He is also under fire for his approach to the corona crisis.

8 hours ago

Shell is cutting 7,000 to 9,000 jobs in global reorganization

Shell is cutting 7,000 to 9,000 jobs.

The oil company announced this on Wednesday.

CEO Ben van Beurden announced at the end of July during the presentation of the half-year figures that Shell would take a close look at the entire company.

The company is forced to do so due to the impact of the corona crisis.

In addition, Van Beurden already mentioned it "likely" that the number of employees would be significantly reduced.

Fifteen hundred Shell employees have already indicated that they wish to make use of a voluntary severance scheme.

According to a spokesman for Shell, it is not yet possible to say

in which countries the jobs will be lost


8 hours ago

The Dutch called 45 minutes longer than normal during months in lockdown

The Dutch made an average of

45 minutes longer than normal

calls during the lockdown, according to an analysis by NU.nl based on figures published by the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) on Wednesday.

It only concerns calls via a landline or mobile phone. (Video) calling via the internet is not included.

In April, May and June, the Dutch called an average of

four hours and four minutes a month


Normally people call 46 minutes shorter: three hours and 18 minutes a month.

NU.nl looked for this at the average number of call minutes in 2018 and 2019.

The cabinet announced on 23 March that the Netherlands would largely be closed.

The end of the lockdown has not been formally determined, but many measures were partly reversed on 1 June.

For example, the catering industry was allowed to reopen and public transport went according to the normal timetable.

A month later, further relaxation followed.

Last Tuesday, the measures were tightened again.

8 hours ago

Number of new positive tests in Germany decreases slightly

The number of new positive corona

tests in Germany has dropped slightly

in the past 24 hours to 1,798, according to figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI, the German equivalent of the RIVM).

2,089 new infections were reported on Tuesday and 1,189 on Monday.

A total of 287,421 infections have been reported in Germany.

The number of deceased corona patients is around 9,500.

German authorities announced

tougher measures



to stop the spread of the virus.

The maximum number of visitors to outdoor meetings will be reduced to fifty.

Indoors, a maximum of 25 applies. The measure applies in regions where more than 35 people per 100,000 inhabitants are infected.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to prevent a new national lockdown at all costs.

9 hours ago

Catering facilities on Bonaire may open again

Bonaire makes working from home mandatory where possible and catering establishments may open their doors again.

These corona measures are part of a new package that Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna has announced. 

Bonaire introduced a

slight lockdown

on September 21


Then there were 27 infections and now there are 77. According to Rijna, an analysis shows that most people at home or at work become infected.

The new measures allow catering establishments to reopen.

Restaurants and bars must adhere to strict hygiene rules and close their doors by 10pm at the latest.

Hair salons and nail salons may also reopen, but only if masks are worn.

Gyms and casinos will remain closed, but schools and crèches will remain open.

A maximum of ten people may be present at weddings and funerals.

And a maximum of fifty people may attend a church service, as long as they can keep sufficient distance from one another.

Singing is prohibited.

According to Rijna, it will be checked every week whether Bonaire can submit a request to change the orange travel advice to color code yellow.

If that happens, passengers from the Netherlands can travel to the island again.

On September 21, Bonaire asked for the code orange.

If the Dutch are allowed to come again, they must have been tested negative less than 72 hours ago.

11 hours ago

Disney fires 28,000 employees of American theme parks

Disney will fire approximately 28,000 employees of American theme parks.

About two-thirds of this workforce consists of part-timers, the rest are managers.

The employees in question were already at home, because the parks attract few visitors due to the corona crisis.





16 hours ago

Soldier of Orange

is temporarily halted due to corona infections

The musical

Soldier of Orange

is halted due to corona infections within the cast, a spokesperson confirms after news from



About half of the cast, about fifteen people, has tested positive for the corona virus.

That is why the shows have been canceled until October 4.

In early March,

Soldier of Orange was

 already shut down due to the introduction of corona measures.

After six months the musical was performed again.

At the restart of production at the beginning of September, producer Fred Boot said he was happy that the team could get back to work, although with three hundred instead of eleven hundred people in the room it is far from profitable.

Soldaat van Oranje

is the most successful theater performance in Dutch history.

Since its premiere in October 2010, the adaptation of the life story of resistance fighter Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema has continuously been drawing crowds.

The play has now been performed almost three thousand times and more than three million tickets have been sold.

16 hours ago

Thirty guests allowed by yes, Wednesday clarity about party.

Thirty people may still be at the ceremony of a wedding.

The Ministry of Health and the safety regions decided that on Tuesday.

There is uncertainty about the number of allowed guests.

On Wednesday, the ministry expects to be able to make it clear how many people are allowed to attend a wedding party.

Monday's press conference created confusion among wedding venues, prospective couples and wedding guests.

It was stated that only four people were allowed to be present at a civil marriage.

However, the four people measure would not apply to wedding services in churches, because there is no limit to places of worship.

16 hours ago

The most important corona news of Tuesday, September 29, the


  • In the past week, 19,326 positive corona tests were reported to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

    That is 

    43 percent more

    than a week earlier (13,471).

  • The number of 

    corona patients admitted

    has risen by 33 to 693. 142 of that group are in intensive care, the same number as the day before.

  • The number of hospital admissions is, with an average of 41.7 per day,

    above the signal value

    for the first time since 15 May 


    A signal value is a kind of alarm bell for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

  • Researchers nevertheless find a

    privacy risk in CoronaMelder


  • The 

    new national measures

    have been in effect since Tuesday at 6 p.m.

  • Staff and visitors to

    nursing homes 

    in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague must now wear a surgical mouth mask.

  • The Dutch Internists Association (NIV) reports that the

    average length



    of corona patients has been reduced by one third compared to the beginning of this year.


  • The number of

    deceased corona patients

    has passed one million.

    Most deaths have been recorded in the United States, Brazil and India.

  • Travel

    advice for France

    has been tightened up again.

    The orange travel advice (only necessary trips) now also applies to the departments of Ariège, Aube, Charente, Doubs, Gers, Haute-Loire, Hautes-Pyrénées, Haute-Vienne, Oise, Somme and Saône-et-Loire.

  • Germany limits the number of guests

    at private parties and family gatherings.

    There may be a maximum of fifty in a public space or, for example, a rented room.

    The measure will apply to areas where more than 35 infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been found.

  • The next plenary session of the

    European Parliament

    will also be held in Brussels, partly because of the many contamination in the Strasbourg area, the MEPs will remain in Brussels.

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