The American quality magazine The New York Times reported Monday that President Donald Trump has paid little in taxes.

Trump’s taxes have been questioned throughout his presidency.

Namely, Trump also failed to state his taxes four years ago after defeating his opponent Hillary Clinton in the election campaign.

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The revelation of the magazine just before the crucial weeks of the presidential election is big news, but there may be many opinions about its significance.

Undeniably, Trump appears to be a tax evader who protects his billion-dollar holdings.

By tax comparison, the average American pays more taxes than Trump, and that’s something to despise.

Yet for many Trump supporters, tax evasion is not a crime, but even a heroic act.

The taxpayer is not considered much anywhere, not in America - and especially not in Trump’s Republican Party.

Trump hurried to brand the news as fake news.

The statement was a message to our own passionate supporters that don’t believe the mainstream media.

Four years ago, Trump triumphed by raising an opponent against the bloated elite on the East Coast and the liberal media revolving around it.

Trump stepped up his media reach with a huge sake campaign that took him to the White House.

Newspaper revelations don’t matter the behavior of Trump’s core supporters: they see the news as a chase or - if he wants to quote Trump himself - a “witch hunt”.

Illustratively, when a Trump supporter is asked why Trump is lying or telling false information, the answer is that it doesn’t matter.

This is certainly the attitude towards tax news as well.

More significant than taxes affecting President Trump’s support are the interest rate crisis, stock prices, a declining economy, and the incomprehensible split of Americans who fell in France during World War I.

The president is said to have considered them “losers,” and it’s a throwback in a veteran-loving U.S. that Trump, too, has had a hard time coping with.

Trump denied saying that and considered the whole thing, once again, a chase.

So far, Trump has been able to turn all scandals in their favor or counter them.

The coronavirus hit a bad seam for the president, especially when there is no certainty about the passing of the crisis.

Trump has tried to patch up his sluggish and tempo-led leadership in the fight against the corona, claiming that his actions have actually saved millions of Americans.

Trump lags behind Democrat Joe Biden in opinion polls, but the condition of election day is crucial in key states.

The TV debates that are starting now are Trump’s kind of bread.

They provide great entertainment for tens of millions of viewers.

Trump raised the stakes high even before the debate, saying that if Biden is elected, it will know the end and chaos of the United States.

There will be a colorful struggle where the ocean will fly - both sides.