Inheritance plays a significant role in the brain's functions that regulate eating, said Pertti Mustajoki, a specialist in hormonal and metabolic diseases, in our story yesterday.

According to Mustajoki, genetic differences are mainly reflected in how the human brain responds to foods and treats.

- Some of us feel much more attracted to delicacies than others.

Because of this variation, not all of us have as good opportunities to combat the extra calories that are available a lot today.

There are also differences in the degree of saturation: some become saturated in smaller amounts than others.

- There is also a difference in experiencing the palatability of food: when someone thinks that food is very tasty and desirable, it attracts someone much less.

When there is a craving for a treat, the situation easily leads to overeating and gaining weight.

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Adverse genes do not necessarily lead to obesity

Although genetic differences explain obesity, this still does not mean that unfavorable genes inevitably lead to obesity.

The most important and effective weapon in the fight against extra pounds is to change eating habits.

Pertti Mustajoki talked about eight ways to reduce your daily caloric intake.

8 Ways to Reduce Calorie Intake

  • Weight loss regimens and strict diets are useless and will not work in the long run.

    So forget about dieting to lose weight.

  • Energy intake can be significantly reduced by cleaning away the worst sources of excess calories from their eating habits.

  • If you are used to eating greasy and sweet pastries or biscuits every day, switch to lighter ones or enjoy them only once a week.

  • Are sugary drinks like soda, juices or energy drinks part of your daily diet?

    If so, you get a lot of useless calories from them every day.

    Change them to sugar-free drinks or water.

  • Sweets and chocolates as well as chips, snacks and other savory snacks are very energy-intensive foods.

    If you eat them every day, it’s too much, and there will be a lot of extra calories.

    Give up the daily treat, but you can still have a treat once a week.

  • Hamburger meals and pizzas contain much more calories than traditional Finnish meals.

    If you eat fast food and pizzas every day, gaining weight is almost inevitable.

  • Large portions should always be eaten more than small ones.

    So choose a bar instead of a chocolate bar and a smaller option than a plaster shelf.

    Also reduce food rations.

  • All exercise from beneficial exercise to fitness is good, and starting an exercise hobby is recommended.

    However, changing eating habits is the most important and effective weapon in the fight against calories and obesity.

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