Five Finnish hockey players playing in the Slovak league have been infected with the coronavirus, Aamulehti reports.

The results of the corona tests performed on HC Nove Zamky's players and the backing group were drastic: 27 tests and 20 positive cases.

Among Finnish players, strikers Janne Seppänen, Janne Väyrynen and Rasmus Hämäläinen, goalkeeper Henri Kiviaho and defender Markus Västilä had been infected with the corona.

Of the Finnish group representing the team, only Erik Embrich's test result was negative.

Seppänen, 25, who played in Mest's Koove shirt last season, suspects that the infections came from 10.9.

from the Slovak Cup away against Skalica.

Seppänen told Aamulehti that as many as 27 corona cases were found in Skalica, who played at a lower league level, the following week.

Seppänen's symptoms started a week ago on Monday, and were quite severe.

- First there was a headache.

I didn’t find it miraculous at first because my necks were stuck.

After lunch, nausea began.

The feeling worsened towards the evening and the fever rose above 38 degrees.

After that, vomiting flew, Seppänen told Aamulehti.

Fortunately for Seppänen, the symptoms also eased soon.

He says all infected but asymptomatic team members have been relocated to a community of just over 100 square feet.

Despite the high number of infections, all HC Nove Zamky sufferers are on their way to recovery and no one has severe symptoms.

Seppänen says that the number of corona infections in Slovakia has increased alarmingly, with the worst cases occurring in 400-500 days.

The Slovak league should start on Friday, but at least HC Nove Zamky’s match will postpone.

- A little worried about what's going on here.

Will we come home in two weeks or will the series start?

There are a lot of question marks in the air, Seppänen circulated in an interview with Aamulehti.

The Finnish striker knows that there are currently four options: the series will start this week, in three weeks, in January or at worst the whole season will be canceled.

All six Finnish hockey players representing the Slovak club HC Nove Zamky played last season in the home teams of Mestis.