The first dates at the altar program has reached a long-awaited respite from everyday life, ie a honeymoon.

Because of Korona, honeymoons are directed to different parts of Finland's beautiful nature, such as Ruka and Koli.

Emma and Tuomas spend their honeymoon in the stunning scenery of Koli.

In previous episodes, it has become clear that the 29-year-old couple from Joensuu enjoy themselves with each other, but there has also been considerable uncertainty and a tangled exchange of words between the couple.

The same mood continues in Koli, where Emma in particular arrives tired after a hard and long week.

The couple's first confrontation already takes place when going on a nature trail.

Photo: Johannes Niva

The exchange has started when the couple has discussed Emma’s lip balm.

- It was humor, Tuomas exclaims.

- It's not humor if you say my lip balm is big, and then you say it's just like you.

Sie you called me big, Emma exclaims.

- Mie said that the icing bowl, Tuomas corrects his wife's speech.

- Yeah, you meant lip balm to be big, and then you said it just like that, Emma explains.

- A freezing bowl does not mean a big one, but a bowl, like a hilarious, hilarious one, Tuomas tries to explain his position.

- Yeah, Emma ashes.

Photo: Hannu Oikkonen

Tuomas is left wondering if Emma was offended by her speeches.

- I wasn't hurt, go for it now, Emma laughs on the stairs.

- I just chuckled, Tuomas emphasizes.

- You can't fool around, Emma says.

- I can!

A freezing bowl does not mean that you are big, that bowl can mean a bowl, that is, a bowl, Tuomas is still trying to tell.

- Now you still call me stupid, Emma laughs.

- Well now I'm not saying anything anymore, Tuomas decides.

Photo: Jonathan Melartin

The matter will be discussed even later in front of the cameras.

- I really didn't mean evil, but my style of bringing things out is similar to Emma's, it sometimes becomes a bit more annoying misunderstandings, Tuomas admits.

- In the mornings there can be a great feeling and in the afternoons such that what happened here, Tuomas describes the couple's mutual communication.

- We talk about things carelessly, maybe sometimes there is too much room for interpretation, that what the other means, Emmakin ponders.

Emma also mentions that Tuomas is tough to analyze things.

- Tuomas is a pretty traditional North Karelian man.

She talks really, really a lot, and constantly analyzes everything she does, Emma sighs.

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