A recent Estonia documentary could prove problematic, Aftonbladet says.

The wreck of a car ferry resting at a depth of 80 meters has been declared a burial site by agreement between several countries, so the making of the documentary may have broken the grave peace.

26 years ago, M / S Estonia sank in front of Utö, taking 852 people with it.

Most of the victims remained in the deep waters of the ship.

According to the official accident report, the cause of the accident was the failure of the bow visor.

However, the discovery seen in Dplay's new documentary series has raised questions about Estonia's sinking.

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    A recent documentary brought up old conspiracy theories about destruction

The Estonia - Revolutionary Discovery series tells us that a hole has been found on the starboard side of Estonia.

The hole has not been documented before.

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Finland, Sweden and Estonia state in a joint statement that the information in the document will be evaluated.

Estonia has talked about commissioning underwater technical studies.

Screenshot of the observation images in the document. Image: Dplay

- We did not disturb the peace of the victims, says documentary director David Evertsson.Photo: Screenshot / Dplay

Documentary director David Evertsson tells Aftonbladet that while investigating the case for the documentary, he was in contact with several relatives and survivors of the accident.

- It turned out that the matter is as relevant as 26 years ago, he tells Aftonbladet.

- The documentary series tries to provide answers.

One of the questions is whether there was a hole in the ship.

We had to do an investigation to see if there was a hole in the ship or not.

The director says he was aware that an examination of the wreck could lead to charges.

He notes that the matter was dealt with legally and ethically in the past.

- We had the support of a relatives' association and they considered this important.

For example, we never went inside the wreck, and we did not disturb the peace of the victims, Evertsson says.

All five episodes of the ESTONIA - Revolutionary Discovery documentary series can now be viewed on Dplay +.