F1 champion Lewis Hamilton didn’t digest the ten-second time penalty he received at the Sochi GP on Sunday at all.

The British driver felt he had done no wrong and strongly criticized the F1 jury for trying to stop him.

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The bitter comments caused quite a stir.

In addition to Hamilton, the jury, Mercedes management and experts, as well as representatives of other teams have commented on the matter.

The heartbeat of the six-time world champion has dropped since Sunday’s hustle and bustle, and on Tuesday posted a remorseful post about his behavior on his Twitter account.

- I may not understand things quite right at the moment of adversity.

And I don’t always react the way you want when the stakes are hard.

However, I am only human and very passionate about what I do, he wrote.

Of course, Hamilton did not directly admit to being wrong in his accusations, although the tone of the statements has become much more temperate in a couple of days.

- I learn and grow every day.

I learned my lesson and will continue to fight.

Thank you to everyone who supports me and fights with me.

We get up from here!

Hamilton broke the rules on Sunday by doing start drills on the exit of the depot instead of the place allotted to them.

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According to Motorsport, F1 race director Michael Masi stated that the penalty was imposed in the usual way after an equal and detailed hearing by the jury.

- It does not matter if it is Lewis Hamilton or any of the other 19 drivers.

If the rules are broken, the jury will deal with the case on the basis of the facts.

According to Mas, drivers are always welcome to discuss jury decisions if they feel they have experienced injustice.

- If Lewis wants to raise something up, the door is always open - as I have said before him and the other riders.

I am more than glad to discuss any with them.

Hamilton was only third in the Sochi GP due to his time penalty, after his teammates Valtteri Bottas and Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

He leads the World Championships by 44 points to Bottas.