Counter-Strike's 2020 Finnish champion is HAVU Gaming, which took the playoffs played over the weekend into show style.

The final place was secured with 2-0 victories from the awful situation and SAWO Esports teams.

In Sunday night’s final, HAVU knocked down KOVA Esports with a 2-1 result (Vertigo 7–16, Mirage 16–8, Nuke 16–5).

HAVU's best player in the final was Lasse “ZOREE” Uronen in the light of statistics (61 kills, 35 deaths, 1.39 rating).

The HAVU coached by Taneli “Disturbed” Veikkola includes Uronen, Olli ”sLowi” Pitkänen, Eetu “sAw” Saha, Joonas ”doto” Forss and Sami ”xseveN” Laasanen.

In addition to the Finnish Championship gold, HAVU also won 12,000 euros in tournament money and a tournament venue for the Elisa Invitational, which serves as the Nordic championship tournament.

In addition to HAVU, October 26-28.

the tournament to be played will feature ENCE, MAD Lions, Heroic, Apeks, AGF Esport and GODSENT, starring Jesse “ZehN” Linjala.

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In addition to HAVU and KOVA, who won 7,000 euros in silver, the surprise FCottoNd, whose best-known players are Juho “Juho” Lampinen and Iikka “yaNgile” Nuotio, got the taste of the Finnish Championship medal.

FCottoNd dropped SJ in the quarterfinals, but the final place went sideways with KOVA being stronger.

In the bronze match, FCottoNd knocked down SAWO ESports 2-0 (19-15 Mirage, 16-14 Nuke) after a tough fight.

The Finnish Championships were organized by Elisa and the Finnish Electronic Sports Association.

In the competitions that started at the end of August, 16 teams played.