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Despite lockdown protests in Israel 

Despite the strict lockdown currently in place in Israel, thousands of people took to the streets tonight to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his policies.

Netanyahu tried to ban the protests for health reasons, but the ban was not approved in time by parliament. 

Some protesters reached Netanyahu's home where they demanded his departure.

Overpasses on highways were also blocked.

The protesters did wear face masks and kept their distance from each other.

In Israel, 9,200 new positive corona tests were registered today.

In total, more than 227,000 people have now been tested positive in the country.

The death toll increased by 29 to 1,441.

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Sixteen arrests and nine injured officers in protest against corona measures in London

Police in London have arrested sixteen people during a protest against the corona measures.

Thousands of people took to the streets to protest.

Nine officers were injured while trying to separate the protesters.

Two officers had to go to hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

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The most important corona news of Saturday, September 26: 


  • RIVM reported 2,713 new positive corona tests and 29 new hospital admissions.

    The number of admissions to intensive care units (ICs) rose by 6 to 122. 

  • 38 new deaths were reported, more than double the previous day.

    This number turned out to be so high as a result of an

    'administrative catch-up'

    at the GGD IJsselland.

    Of the 38 deaths reported on Saturday, 21 come from the IJsselland region.

  • The Inspectorate SZW has started some

    forty criminal investigations

    into possible fraud by companies when applying for corona support.

    The inspection service confirms this after reporting by NOS.

  • Experts let know that they believe that the Netherlands is in the

    dreaded second wave


    According to GGD director Sjaak de Gouw, we will be in the situation of March and April within six weeks. 

  • The

    football industry

     is surprised by the cabinet's warning to ban fans from stadiums if supporters do not comply with the corona measures this weekend.

    The sector organizations believe that things are going well in the stadiums.


  • Four US states have broken the record for the highest number of new cases per day in the past 24 hours.

    Wisconsin recorded the largest increase, where more than 2,600 new infections were discovered.

    The states of Minnesota, Oregon and Utah also broke records on Friday.

  • Edison Rijna, the governor of Bonaire, has asked the inhabitants of the island to "persist" and to comply with the corona measures as closely as possible.

    The island has been in a limited lockdown since last Monday.

    The number of positive tests had risen to 56 yesterday. On Monday there were 27 cases.

  • Police in London have arrested 16 people in a major protest against the corona measures.

    Nine officers were injured while trying to separate the protesters. 

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