U.S. pizza driver Derlin Newey, 89, was actually surprised Tuesday when his customers knocked on a man’s door in Utah and delivered him a $ 12,000 (about $ 10,300) tip.

CNN reports.

- How can I ever thank you enough?

I don’t know what to say, Newey told news channel CNN partner KSL TV.

Newey works as a pizza driver for Papa John’s and delivers pizzas about 30 hours a week.

He says he started the job after realizing that he would not get along with social benefits alone.

With his friendly service, Newey has gained popularity, especially in the TikTok video service.

The popularity of the app began when one of the customers, Carlos Valdez, and his family began videotaping Newey’s pizza deliveries to the family’s TikTok channel.

The videos were a success and now the channel has over 53,000 followers.

- This is insane.

Everyone loves him, Valdez said according to CNN.

The idea for a gift voucher also originated in TikTok.

Channel Followers often ask why a Newey-aged person acts as a pizza messenger.

Indeed, Valdez’s family came to the conclusion that Newey shouldn’t have to work that much and they decided to surprise the man.

The family asked their followers to make donations for Newey and the money began to accumulate comfortably.

The $ 12,000 check was quickly piled up and signed as the “TikTok family”.

Newey was completely surprised by the rapture, as he didn’t even know what TikTok was.

Still, the man was grateful for the surprise.

- I don't know what to say except that, thank you, Newey said.