Vietnamese police recently seized 360 pounds of used condoms from a warehouse in the southern part of the country, in Bihn Duong province.

Police found more than 300,000 condoms to be illegally resold to consumers.

The discovery was reported by the BBC and CNN, among others, relying on Vietnamese media sources.

The process of recycling condoms was inventive: they were boiled in boiling water, dried and then shaped to their original posture with wooden dildos.

Police arrested a woman believed to be the owner of the warehouse in connection with the seizure.

He said he paid 15 cents per pound for the cartons, according to a Vietnamese TV channel.

It is not yet known how many recycled condoms have already been sold.

It is also unclear where and how the contraceptives used were collected - the owner contented himself with saying “he had received a monthly condom load from an unknown person”.

A condom is an extremely effective method of contraception, as it prevents pregnancy with 97-98% certainty.

A condom is also the only contraceptive that prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms like condoms have been used for intercourse for hundreds of years, but their mass production did not begin until the 19th century.

Initially, the cardboards were made of plastic, then of a much more practical latex.

Billions of condoms are sold worldwide every year.