Berlin (dpa) - The driving service broker Uber is starting a service with emission-free vehicles in Berlin.

Volkswagen is the cooperation partner for “Uber Green”.

The largest German automobile manufacturer is offering Uber rental car partners a mid three-digit number of annual e-Golf cars, both companies announced on Friday.

The e-Golf, which can no longer be ordered as a new car, has also been the backbone of Volkswagen's car sharing service We Share since 2018.

The service includes around 1500 vehicles, which are mainly on the road in Berlin.

Uber had previously announced that by 2025, half of the kilometers driven in Berlin and six other major European cities would be covered with emission-free vehicles.

The other cities are Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Paris.

The 50 percent target applies to all seven cities together; the value could be higher or lower in some of them.

The company We Share, which belongs to the VW subsidiary Umi, announced in June that it would temporarily suspend its planned expansion into other European cities due to the corona crisis.

The service started in the summer of 2019 with a station-independent rental car offer in Berlin.

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