The F1 Series Russian GP will be gassed over the weekend.

Over the years, memorable races in Finnish have been seen on the Sochi track - for better or worse.

The main part is, of course, played by Kimi Räikkönen and Valtteri Bottas.

Räikkönen is known for his hard but honest driving style.

However, something happened at the Russian GP in 2015 that was unusual for Räikkönen.

The then Ferrari driver Räikkönen and Bottas, who drove on Williams, both overtook Sergio Perez at the very end of the race, and Bottas reached the last prize place, ie third.

Räikkönen was told on team radio in the last round of the competition that “all or nothing”.

Räikkönen did the work as instructed and tried to get past Bottas and to the podium.

However, the desperate attempt ended in embarrassment when Räikkönen hit Bottoms' Williams.

As a result of the collision, Bottas' race ended on lime lines.

Räikkönen limped to the finish in his fifth Ferrari with sparks, but was fined 30 seconds.

Räikkönen's ranking was 8th in the end.

Prestigious television commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle said of the Finns from Kolari recently that “it was 100% the fault of Räikkönen”.

If the video does not appear, you can watch it here.

After a grim incident, both Räikkönen and Bottas were able to enjoy success on the Sochi track in the following years.

Räikkönen stood on the podium after grabbing third places in 2016 and 2017. Bottas, on the other hand, took the opening victory of his F1 career in Russia in 2017 and has reached the podium in Sochi since then.