Clothing designer Lalli Savolainen put her lifestyle under complete renovation in the Thursday section of the You Are What You Eat series, led by Pippa Lauka.

In the past, Savolans even drank champagne for breakfast, ate wild amounts of salt and little vegetables.

He never ate breakfast, but devoured mainly in the evenings what ever happened to be found in the closet.

Pippa Laukka was shocked to realize that Savolainen did not drink any water at all, but ate several times as much salt as recommended.

As a result, his body was dry and he felt awkward.

Instead of water, the Savoist sucks champagne or sugary juice.

Under the guidance of Lauka, added salt, excess fat, champagne and sugar were removed from Savolainen's diet.

Plenty of fresh vegetables and water were added to it, and Savolainen started eating regularly.

In addition, the clothing designer received a fitness program.

He started jogging three times a week for an hour and doing muscle fitness exercises twice a week.

Savolainen's lifestyle renovation started in a model way and he quickly learned to enjoy his walks.

- Exercise has never felt like my own.

This is really exciting that I would move around and do something five times a week.

This is what Lalli Savolainen looked like before his lifestyle renovation.

Extra pounds had accumulated mainly in the middle body.

Although jogging felt comfortable, starting exercise also brought challenges for Savolainen.

Muscle fitness exercises seemed disgusting to him and made his body ache badly.

- My legs are so sore from the day-to-day muscle training that it's good when I get to sit and stand.

Yes, I'm going to walk without sticks, Savolainen was in pain for the camera.

In the middle of the two-month lifestyle renovation, Savolainen had serious problems.

His wisdom tooth became inflamed and had to be removed.

However, the tooth did not start to heal in the desired way and prevented Savolainen from moving.

He was also unable to eat properly as his mouth did not open and the chewing was painful.

- The tooth has ruined this.

I probably won't get to that conclusion, Savolainen said with annoyance.

However, Savolainen's fear proves to be futile, for when he marched to the final weighing, he was a completely changed man.

- Lalli's lifestyle renovation has succeeded beyond expectations!

Laukka stunned his eyes when he saw Savolainen slimming.

According to Savolainen, the lifestyle change was surprisingly easy to implement in the end when you just committed to it.

The results started to show up quickly and he started to feel better.

As the extra pounds shed from the middle body, his self-esteem rose and he began to consider himself charming again.

- I had never moved and I hated the people who went there a little.

Then I was suddenly sneakers on top of the store and sticks included.

It was really easy and really improved my fitness, Savolainen told Laukaa.

However, challenges to lifestyle repairs were caused by severe dental inflammation, which resulted in Savolainen being on a drug stall for several weeks.

He suspected that his body would not have withstood severe painkillers before the lifestyle repair.

- I had to eat Panacodi quite a lot and more than 150 Burana.

Now I have been a week without Panacodia, he said.

Pounds left too much

Savolainen finally lost ten kilos in two months and dropped his weight from 80 kilos to 70 kilos.

The waist circumference narrowed by as much as 13 cents and the results of blood tests and well-being analysis improved with noises.

His resting heart rate dropped to the level of top athletes and the condition of his blood vessels improved.

This is what Lalli Savolainen looks like after her lifestyle change. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

However, Savolainen's severe weight loss was due to the fact that he was sometimes unable to eat much because of his dental problems.

Pippa Laukka stated that the fashion designer eventually lost too much weight during his lifestyle renovation.

- You're very, very much slimming.

We are definitely in a situation now that you have even gotten a little unnecessary, Laukka says.

Savo himself agreed.

- Now it's too late, maybe he admitted.

After the program, Savolainen acquired a coach, under whose leadership he was able to regain a few kilos in a controlled manner and continue his healthy life.

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