Space agency European Space Agency (ESA) announced on Thursday that last week a meteor flew very low, at an altitude of about 91 kilometers, over the Netherlands.

These 'earth-grazing meteors' only occur a few times a year.

The rock flew over northern Germany and the Netherlands in the early hours of Tuesday.

ESA says the rock then escaped from Earth's atmosphere and shot back into space.

The rock in question is a meteoroid, a fairly small piece of rock, ice, or dust that moves through space.

When it enters the atmosphere, such an object is called a meteor.

Usually a meteor burns completely and small parts of it end up on Earth.

In that case it is a meteorite.

The meteor was seen by cameras from the Global Meteor Network.

A project that uses real-time notifications to get a picture of how meteors move through the solar system.

It is also possible to monitor which meteors pose a threat to satellites.