The serial breaker has made a return to Vantaa, says Keijo Juntunen, the road master in charge of the West Vantaa area.

In February, HS told how Länsi-Vantaa is being tormented by a serial breaker of bus stop glasses.

During two weeks in February, 21 glass bus stops had been broken in Länsi-Vantaa.

Juntunen said at the time that he had never seen anything like it in his work.

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After the vandalism of February, there was peace at the bus stops in Länsi-Vantaa, which now seems to have been broken.

Since last weekend, 14 stops have been broken in Länsi-Vantaa, says Juntunen.

"This week has been a special episode this year."

Tempered safety glass crumbles when broken into small crumbs that can spread widely. Photo: Sari Niemi.

Some stops have broken one glass, others more.

In some cases, all the glasses at the stop have been broken.

Juntunen has heard that the glasses of the stops have also been broken in Itä-Vantaa, but not on the same scale.

"There seems to be some sort of systematic here."

Chips can cause harm to animals, for example. Photo: Sari Niemi

Tempered safety glasses not only become a lot of clutter, glass shards can also spread widely and damage dogs' paws or bike tires, says Juntunen.

In February, no people or people who broke the stops were caught.

Even now, Juntunen has not heard that the police have received any observations about this week's serial breaker or breakers.

“Stops are likely to be broken at night when it’s quiet.

You'd think a taxi would have seen something, but no. ”

Sight observations or signs of a stop violator in Länsi-Vantaa can be reported on social media in a private message to the Eastern Uusimaa police or to the police department's hotline number 0295 413 636.

After last weekend, the stops in Länsi-Vantaa have been dismantled a lot. Photo: Sari Niemi

The service company cleans out the old glasses and replaces them with new ones. Photo: Sari Niemi

Sometimes only one of the glasses at the stop has been broken, says road master Keijo Juntunen. Photo: Sari Niemi