Finnish raw sausages unexpectedly rose to the consciousness of tens of millions of people on Tuesday when the super-popular Instagram site 9gag published a picture of two HK sausage packages, Livorno Luigi and Palermo Mario.

The account has over 54 million followers.

The sausage packages rest in the picture on the grocery store shelf in the usual way, but the joke lies in a whimsical discrepancy caused by the names of the products and the contents of the packaging.

- I have terrible news ... the original Twitter source for the image warns me.

This refers to the names of the sausages: the names Mario and Luigi have been known as Super Mario Bros. game characters for decades.

The image has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments.

9gag's Followers throw more water on the heater and the comment field was quickly filled with ambiguous verbal rejoicing in addition to various laughter mothers.

- Mario Park.

And Luigi, too, one commenter is sorry.

- Luigi is not straight, the other growls.

- And Mario is cheaper.

I guess the Finns have also commented on the image of their pure homeland pride.

- Finland mentioned!

- See you on the market place.

HK Scan's category manager Marika Rikkonen told MTV News on Wednesday that the meat house is proud of the international attention it has received.

According to him, the names that caused the amusement have been intended to refer to the origin of the flavors used in the sausages.

Livorno’s Luigi and Palermo’s Mario artisan sausages have been inspired by the world’s cuisines.

Of course, Mario and Luigi are also characters in the legendary Super Mario video game, but according to Rikkonen, it's a mere coincidence.

- I can tell that Mario and Luigi have not been harmed, they are in good shape, Rikkonen pointed out to MTV.

9gag is a site set up by Hong Kong students in 2008 that shares a variety of humorous images, memes and videos.

The site was originally set up as a replacement for Facebook in Hong Kong, but has since gained great popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.