Munich (dpa) - At the truck manufacturer MAN, the dispute over the planned job cuts escalates.

According to the works council, the company wants to terminate the location and job security, which will actually run until 2030, as early as next Wednesday.

Works council chief Saki Stimoniaris said at a works meeting in Munich that it was “the bottom drawer”.

Constructive talks about the announced restructuring of the group could "only take place if redundancies for operational reasons are excluded," he emphasized.

"When the board of directors says there are no taboos, then all options are on the table for us as employees."

The truck and bus manufacturer belonging to the VW Group has long been moderately profitable.

Due to EU requirements, he now has to invest heavily in electrification and digitization and plans to cut 9,500 of the approximately 36,000 jobs.

The plants in Steyr, Plauen and Wittlich are about to end.

In Nuremberg, where MAN builds its diesel engines, IG Metall has called for a protest rally with Lord Mayor Marcus König (CSU) on Thursday.

A MAN spokesman said that negotiations are currently underway to secure locations and jobs.

Works council member Karina Schnur, General Secretary for Co-Determination at MAN Truck & Bus SE, said that if the current agreements were terminated, MAN employees could resign as early as next year - the first on January 1.

VW Group Works Council chief Bernd Osterloh said nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked.

Should MAN actually have to cut jobs, alternative employment opportunities in the group would have to be examined.

Stimoniaris said the livelihoods of thousands of employees are at stake.

Many colleagues are disappointed and angry.

The VW truck holding Traton wants to make the brand boards of MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Caminhoes e Onibus more responsible in order to achieve their profitability targets.

You would have more personal responsibility, said the new Traton boss Matthias Gründler on Wednesday at the general meeting in Munich.

He has been leading the group since July.

MAN «is not where it could be today.

To achieve this, a restructuring of the company is inevitable, ”said Gründler.

He wanted to agree on a fundamental realignment of MAN with the works council as soon as possible.

Brands also have to focus more on the development of new technologies in order to become faster and more efficient.

Which brand builds which competence most effectively is currently being checked.

"All current development projects will be questioned and re-prioritized over the next few months," said Gründler.

In addition, the purchases would have to be better bundled, “here we still have room for improvement”.

Scania is also planning to cut 5,000 jobs.

MAN made an operating loss of 387 million euros in the first half of the year, the Traton group a total of 220 million.

The industry climate is "still a long way from a sustainable recovery," said Gründler.

Nevertheless, Traton is sticking to its goal of investing one billion euros in the electrification of trucks and buses by 2025.

“From now on Scania will bring more electric vehicles onto the market every year.

Also for construction site trucks and long journeys. "

MAN is building a medium-weight electric truck in small series.

There was no news at the annual general meeting about the planned takeover of the US truck manufacturer Navistar.

Traton had increased its offer in mid-September, but Navistar shareholders reacted skeptically.

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