Tuesday morning, haze and fog dissolve quickly.

The rest of the day is warm and sunny.

It gets a maximum of 20 to 25 degrees.

On Tuesday, fog banks will quickly dissolve during the day during the morning.

It will also be a sunny day again.

On the north (west) coast, fog or low-hanging clouds may come from the sea.

Along the north coast it gets a maximum of 20 degrees.

In the southeast it can reach 25 degrees locally.

There is a light wind from different directions.

Later in the day, the wind gradually turns west to southwest.

From Wednesday, there will be a transition to changeable and cooler weather.

On Wednesdays there are sometimes cloud fields over the country, but the rest of the time there are sunny periods.

It will probably be well above 20 degrees for the last time.

In the west the average temperature will be 20 or 21 degrees, in the east the temperature can sometimes rise to 25 degrees.

Later in the day it can rain in the west.

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