Kari Tapio and Brita “Pia” Viheriävaara have had the same distance for 46 years.

The couple is considered to have started on September 19, 1964 from the convention dances held at Pieksämäki Lyceum.

Kari Tapio was jealous of Pia right from the start.

Even so jealous that at first he didn't even take Pia with him to his own friends' chess.

Kari was soon afraid to poke his eye at some other young man.

The matter is revealed in the recent book by author Antti Heikkinen, Kari Tapio, Life (WSOY), for which he has examined the private archive of Kari Tapio's family: photographs, notes and correspondence.

He has also interviewed well-known entertainment professionals and Kari Tapio's close associates.

According to the book, there can be many reasons for Kari’s jealousy.

One old magazine interview ignores the topic.

Kari Tapio said that he had been dating Pia before with a girl he was very much in love with.

The girl left Kari for another.

The difference broke a young singer boy who vowed to start as a lonely prairie outfit.

Or jealousy was one of the most difficult aspects of Kari Tapio's personality, author Heikkinen doubts in his work.

Soon the couple had children.

The family had three sons: Jiri, Jani and Joona.

Pia remained a housewife while Kari was touring.

From the gigs you had to make check calls home.

The musicians who toured with Kari in the 1970s and 1980s witnessed on several occasions how Kari vented their feelings after the calls: "Damn, does Pia have anyone else?"

When Pia visited the city, Kari could shoot after her and overshadow his wife like a private detective.

He never found Pia in another man's armpit.

Kari and Pia as the people of Pieksämäki remember them. Photo: Hanna Härkälä

Pia was not left completely inside the four walls with her children.

As the second boy grew up, Pia decided to build her own life and trained as a dentist.

When the wife did not spend all the days at home with the children, gloomy clouds began to fly in Kari's mind again.

He was sure Pia was fussing with the other men.

At worst, Kari showed up at the dental clinic where Pia worked and expressed her suspicions in consultation with both the dentist and the patient lying in the treatment chair.

Kari also revived his old hobby, using his wife.

He never found evidence of infidelity.

In fact, Soon should have felt jealousy, as in her burst of honesty and carrots, Kari became confessed to one of her side jumps.

The periods of jealousy came and went.

When the situation was really bad, Karin Jaakko's father came from Savo to talk to his son.

Dad and son went through things, nowhere but on the sauna benches.

Kari opened, Dad listened.

Now we were out and talking like a man to a man.

The father listened to his son’s griefs and then inched that “this one should throw away the foolishness he has to throw away”.

- Another person could not be owned.

If Pia went with someone, Kari wouldn't be able to raise her hand against her - whatever the feelings felt, Dad said when he hit the steam.

Dad also recalled that he was amazed at coping with the mini.

Soon, the home rumba was largely spinning and it was a day job today.

Kari listened to his father's words in silence and the situation calmed down for a longer time.

Kari and Pia in 2008.Photo: Jan Strandström

Kari's jealousy also took on sad features, the book says.

Spanish charmer singer Julio Iglesias came to Finland for a gig in the 1980s.

Pia got to share a picture with him.

Jealousy knocked on Karia again: “Goddamn it, did his wife play with Julio Iglesias?

Yes, he looked at Pia in the picture, at least lustfully. ”

This time, Pia couldn't help but laugh.

Kariak's thing smiled, but only later.

Yes, he realized he was ridiculous.

Fear of soon embarking on a second voyage left Karia for a long time, in fact, jealousy settled only in her final years of life.