The Ostrobothnian District Court in Vaasa is dealing with an exceptional tangle of fraud all week, centered on the banking company Nordea, its employees and the bank's millionaire customers.

One of Nordea's millionaire customers managed to export more than EUR 670,000.

There was a danger that funds had also been taken from the other three millionaire men, but the police intervened.

If the perpetrators had managed to clear the accounts of all the men, they could have received as much as more than 200 million euros, according to the prosecutor.

After the first customer had time to withdraw the money, the problems began.

The difficult part was how the origin of the money could have been erased, that is, in other words, how the money could have been laundered.

According to the indictment, the 28-year-old man, who worked at Nordea and was assisted by the secret Tor network, who also organized the money launderers, was involved in the transfer of money.

When plans began to clear the accounts of the other three millionaires, it is suspected that the helper acquired from the Tor network ran out of credit.

Fear hung in the air.

According to the suspicion, the main employee of Nordea or another accused of the crimes was ready to turn to the help of the motorcycle club Bandidos.

Police classify Bandidos as an organized criminal group.

The suspicion was that a Nordea employee made a video in which he appeared to have access to a millionaires account.

The purpose of this was to convince Bandidos to help with money laundering.

This is how the parent of Nordea's employees communicated to the main defendant on a fatal day on 5 July 2019.

The alleged communication is set out in a document submitted to the law by Nordea's legal counsel.

- I hope not by the way calves Bandidos.

- Now that you know whose customer ID has been hacked.

- I don't think they're so idiots oo.

However, the police were on the trail of the perpetrators, and a couple of hours after the communication, it caught the main accused and did not have time to clear the millionaires' accounts.

The plan faded like ashes into the wind, and thus there was no longer a need for money launderers.

Bandidos members were not suspected of crimes.

The main accused, another Nordea employee and an assistant procured from the Tor network, are scheduled to be heard in court on Wednesday.

The processing of the coil began in the Ostrobothnian District Court on Monday, and a whole week has been set aside for processing.

Indictments in the criminal case include, but are not limited to, aggravated payment instrument fraud, aggravated data hacking, endangering data processing, and identity theft.

The accused, who was the main defendant and obtained from the Tor network, admits some of the acts, and denies some.

Another Nordea employee denies both charges against him.

The entity in which the funds exported from Nordea's customer were laundered has been specified as a separate lawsuit.