It all came out of an emergency.

When I was offered my dream job in Munich, I already knew that it could be difficult to find accommodation.

I only got rejections or unreasonable offers: a windowless room without using the bathroom - for 600 euros.

At some point it was enough for me, I decided to sleep where I feel comfortable anyway: on the train.

At that time I already had a Bahncard 100.

The train became my home.

It may sound strange, but I have a special relationship with Deutsche Bahn.

I was once suspected of having lymph node cancer.

It was a bad time, back then I could only really switch off on the train.

The suspicion has not been confirmed, but the love for trains has remained.

So instead of looking further for an apartment, I covered about 2,000 kilometers every day after work.

Via Augsburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim to Frankfurt.

From there with the ICE 2020 to Cologne, along the Rhine through the Ruhr area to Hamburg-Altona.

Then back to Munich, to the office, to work, and then back on the train in the evening.

At the weekend I drove from Salzburg to Sylt.

I got to know all of Germany, in that year I drove around 160,000 kilometers.

In larger cities I went to the DB lounges, which you can access with my Bahncard.

There I got snacks and drinks for free.

Most of all, I drank elderberry-flavored lemonade, ate wholemeal bread topped with salami until I couldn't see it anymore.

The railway has now taken them out of its range.

I also surfed the WiFi there or met other people who travel a lot by train.

One of these acquaintances became my best friend.

There was little time left for my normal social life.

It was exhausting too.

If I was delayed, I had to keep checking whether I could still get my connecting trains so that I wouldn't be stranded at a cold terminus for six hours at night.

I constantly checked the driving time and the time and kept an eye on my travel route.

I only noticed the physical strain when I was calm.

After a year I rented an apartment and went back to the job I had learned in Saarland.

But I realized that I was missing something.

I wanted the train to be part of my life.

That's why I want to be a train driver now.

I commute between Saarland and Mannheim, I still have the Bahncard 100 so that I can go wherever I want in my free time.

And I fell in love

My partner and I are doing our training at Deutsche Bahn together.

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