The year for clothing designer Lalli Savolainen started hard: she resigned, moved and lost her job like a wall when a corona pandemic struck.

The stressed Savolainen treated himself with delicacies and champagne, but soon began to feel sad.

Excess fat had accumulated in the middle body in recent years, there was no energy and the diet was on the back.

So Savolainen decided to start his new lifestyle under the guidance of doctor Pippa Lauka in the You are what you eat program.

In the upcoming episode of the series, it becomes clear that Savolainen has driven his body into a bad mess by sipping champagne for breakfast and gobbling up huge amounts of salt in the evenings.

Savolainen's biggest problem is the non-existent meal rhythm and a diet high in salt, fat and sugar.

His biggest delicacies are pickles, which are consumed with a jar of butter, as well as various cold cuts, sourdough and butter.

- My biggest problem is the rhythm of eating.

I've never been a morning person.

I’ve never made breakfast myself other than maybe Sunday’s long champagne breakfasts.

- When there were jobs, I went there straight, I didn't even take a glass of water.

It was not until after noon, when the kerkesi something to eat.

In the evenings, Savolainen, who was hungry all day, can be found in the closets.

Unhealthy lifestyles have begun to show in Savolainen's body and health.

He has diabetes in his family, so being overweight is especially dangerous for his body.

Savo's father died of diabetes and now his sugar levels are also throwing.

Clothing designer Lalli Savolainen's middle body has crept in extra as a result of an unhealthy diet.

Pippa Laukkaa is horrified to peek into Savolainen's refrigerator, because based on preliminary information, the vision will not be good.

The cabinet mainly contains champagne, cakes and pickles.

- Now I really feel like what I'm doing with you, Laukka is frustrated.

- To my eyes, this seems like a really suicidal diet.

Salt, fat and sugar and the fact that you eat them all the time.

One thing in Savo's diet in particular rots: he eats huge amounts of salt, many times the recommendations, but does not drink any water at all.

When more champagne and juices are added to the equation, which he allegedly liquefies to liquefy himself, his body dries seriously ,.

- What caught my eye is that you drink a lot of sugared juices, but you don't drink water at all.

Your diet lacks clean water.

You drink enough champagne when you should drink water.

That means you run on a dry machine.

Sun cells do not get fluid, sun metabolism does not work, Gallop explains seriously.

- You get just too much salt, which in turn leads to further drying of the sun's body, he continues.

There is no water at all in Savo's diet and it is bursting with salt and fat.

Savolainen admits that he often feels bad after a meal: cold sweat rises in the back of his head and there is a feeling in his stomach that there is a stone there.

In addition to a poor diet, Savolainen sleeps far too little and his sleep quality is poor, and he therefore does not recover from the stress of the day.

The vascular analysis also speaks harsh language and reveals that Savolainen's blood vessels are in poor condition.

- Lalli, you're 53 years old.

Guess what age the sun's blood vessels are?

They are already retired, they have sixty blood vessels.

You can influence these yourself, Laukka says.

At the beginning of the lifestyle renovation, Savolainen weighs 80.7 kilos.

He would like to shed about ten kilos, especially from his middle body, but according to Lauka, a weight loss of five kilos would be enough.

Instead of a large pound, he would like to pinch about 10 cents from Savolainen's 105-centimeter waist to reduce dangerous visceral fat.

Laukka puts a total salt ban on Savolainen and injects this diet into new ones.

In addition, the fashion designer starts moving several times a week for the first time in his life.

- I have exercise clothes on, pretty exciting, he is amazed at the beginning of his new life.

You are what you eat on MTV3 on Thursdays at 8pm.