Perhaps the most talked about person at Big Brother this fall has been 33-year-old attorney Sini.

Sini left the house soon after news came to light that Sini's husband had applied for resignation five days after entering the house.

Later last week, Sini was moved aside from his job at a law firm.

Sini from Pori said that she works as a lawyer in a company owned by her husband.

Sini has kept a quiet life since leaving the BB house.

Now Sini has released an opening for Big Brother on his Instagram.

According to Sin, he was stigmatized as a bully by Minna in the BB house.

Many TV viewers felt that Minna had been bullied in the house by other residents.

Minna was evicted from the house last Sunday.

- Thanks Minna!

Sack you are an absolutely gorgeous type and just as good as you are!

Sure, it’s different, but it’s wealth.

I would never have met a woman like that without BB, and that sun growth in those two weeks was absolutely insane!

You are such a spiritual winner!

Sini writes in his text in the stories section of Instagram.

Sini said that he had joined Big Brother because he needed a break from his busy daily life. Photo: Jukka Alasaari

Sini, M.Sc. (Law), Associate Judge and Attorney-at-Law, says she has dealt with the matter with Minna.

- Minna I therefore talked to during the day, and about a thousand pounds of shit has fallen out of your shoulders and finally begins to appear light in the tunnel.

By far the most shocking thing to me was when I came out of the house, how the events related to Minna have turned out outside the house.

The least of all I ever wanted to become a stigmatized bully, he continues.

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- Just the same, even if you consider an irritant ämmänä, but I am so against bullying as can be.

I have a whole week experienced a terrible scruples, if Minna has really been feeling kiusatukuksi.

I've been wanting to specialize in assisting victims is because I want to be the weaker side.

I will not tolerate injustice and being beaten.

Photo: Instagram

According to Sin, bullying is sharply against his own world of values.

He admits he didn’t always work in the BB house in the best possible way.

- Idiot, my own hustle and bustle was there at times, it's useless to deny it.

In my free time, my brain is left, so to speak, cloaked, because concentrating on my work takes all my ability to concentrate.

However, whatever the people think, Minna's opinion means the most to me.

None of the spectators know as well the atmosphere of the house as we residents do.

Sini also talks about his own school bullying background, which Sini says was influenced by his differences.

He says he also wanted to quit military service because of bullying.

- So I had a whole primary school being bullied, as well as the military.

I have ADHD, or I'm hyper, and it is really not still in this world woman OK, Sini write.

- I even wanted to leave the army a few months before the end due to intense bullying.

At the very end, I was in home care for a couple or three weeks because my treatment there was quite unbearable.

After the military, I became ill with anxiety and panic disorders.

Suddenly that relatively positive and cheerful young girl no longer dared to even walk in public places without panic attacks, I was afraid of social situations and after very gloomy months I got a referral to acute psychiatry and some kind of recovery began.

Sini had time to spend five days at Big Brother House. Photo: Nelonen

According to Sin, the hardest place for her has been that Minna has felt bullied for her.

He also says last week was quite heavy for him.

- And I know that from this text, too, there will be an icy storm of shit, because now it has been decided to hate me in a crowd.

No matter what I do or I do, I do it most of the view, not right.

Whatever I say, it is deliberately misunderstood and the storm of shit is over again.

On the other hand I am marinating in this week's so deep shit, that does not seem like much longer in this bankruptcy.

At the end of her writing, Sini thanks people who have been encouraging and sending positive messages.

Photo: Instagram

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