Victoria Beckham, the wife of footballer David Beckham, has had a compelling career as a fashion designer for years.

Beckham has a clothing brand that bears its own name and offers high-quality designer clothes and accessories.

He also often shares photos and videos of his brand’s products on his Instagram account, which has more than 28 million followers.

Recently, Beckham shared a video on his popular Instagram account with the model showcasing one of the products in the designer’s upcoming collection.

In the video released by Beckham, the female model poses wearing only a thin gauze garment that fully reveals her bra.

In the video, the model is also wearing a large golden necklace.

The Instagram photo service is known for its “chastity rules” that prohibit nudity and posting bold images in an app.

Indeed, the courage of the video Beckham posted sparked a lot of discussion among the woman’s followers, and many wondered how Beckham was allowed to post a video like this on her own Instagram account.

- Is this even allowed on Instagram, one wondered, referring to the rules of the application.

- How the hell does Victoria get to post a video like this?

The rules should be the same for everyone, shook another.

- I'm sorry for Victoria, but this is not seen none of stylish, criticized the third.

"It's a nice outfit for church next Sunday," joked one of Beckham's followers.

- What if next time you tried to make normal priced clothes for normal people?

Those that could even be used in public places, for their part, were tickled by another follower in his comment.

A few Followers also asked Beckham in his comments if he would let his own daughter walk in an outfit like this in a public place.

David and Victoria Beckham have four children in common: sons Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 17, Cruz, 15, and daughter Harper, 8.

- Would it be okay for you for Harper to wear an outfit like this?

one questioned in his comment.

- What do your children think when they see this picture, another thought.

Like many companies around the world, the corona epidemic also drove Beckham’s company into major financial difficulties earlier this year.

In April, Beckham was reported to have laid off up to 30 employees of his company for two months.

Because of the layoffs, Beckham saved huge sums on payroll costs.

According to the Daily Mail, company staff were approached in April with letters saying the government would pay them 80 percent of their salaries.

In the UK, the government pays lay-off wages up to € 2,870, so Beckham only had to pay the remaining 20 per cent of the wages of its employees.

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The property of Beckham’s famous family is as high as € 384 million, so laying off workers to the taxpayer’s peak caused widespread outrage in the UK.

- Victoria Beckham's gift to Britain is to take tax money to run her own business.

I’m left wondering when he’s releasing a new video of them drinking wine or bragging about a new £ 17 million Miami home, a TV personality known for his cutting-edge opinions, Piers Morgan shook on Good Morning Britain.

“This layoff system wasn’t for prima donn, multimillionaires like you who have a failed and pointless business that doesn’t make money,” Morgan continued.

A picture published by Victoria Beckham made Followers rub their eyes.Photo: Henry Nicholls

Beckham’s clothing brand has faced financial difficulties in the past.

At the end of last year, it was reported that the company's turnover would have fallen by almost EUR 11 million and Beckham would have given up its own driver, among other things, as austerity measures.

According to The Sun, Beckham has had to go to work either by taxi or in his own car.

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David Beckham has supported his wife’s business financially for tens of millions of euros.

The couple has several joint ventures that are no longer as lucrative as they used to be.