Jan Hanses, CEO of the shipping company Viking Line, estimates that the financial losses of the grounding of M / S Amorella, which operates on the Turku – Stockholm route, will remain limited.

Amorella ran aground on Sunday at 12.50 on Hjulgrund in the Åland archipelago and passengers were transported to the Åland mainland.

The ship is currently near the island of Järsö.

Hanses also sees lean comfort in the situation.

- Unfortunately, I guess you can say that if this had to happen, the time was - not good now - but let's say that the damage will be kept to a minimum [because of the corona].

The pandemic has severely weakened Viking Line's operations.

A large part of the staff in Finland has been laid off.

In the second quarter, the company's result hit a frost of EUR 6.1 million from EUR 4.4 million a year ago.

Net sales decreased from EUR 131 million to only EUR 23 million.

Deductible by a quarter of a million

Viking Line uses Åland's marine insurer Alandia and the British North P&I for liability insurance.

The former will eventually compensate for the damage.

Viking Line's account will have a deductible of EUR 250,000.

Viking Amorella also ran aground on the same Hjulgrund narrow gorge seven years ago in December 2013. At that time, the damage was in the order of a couple of million euros.

Amorella has been reported to be out of service for two weeks, but Hanses believes the realistic estimate is about a month.

The ship will be replaced from Monday by M / S Gabriella, who has operated to Tallinn three times a week.

Passengers will be notified of the changes.

According to Hansen, Gabriella's cargo capacity is smaller than Amorella's, but only slightly.

There is no Viking XPRS left between Tallinn.

For this route, Gabriella's absence will have a very limited economic impact on shipping, as Korona has already taken passengers out.

- When the situation is what it is and all ships have limited capacity, Gabriella is well able to replace Amorella financially as well.

Once there has been no traffic, Stockholm now has access to more efficient traffic.

- Gabriella's use on the Tallinn route has always been on the verge of being economically justified.

Passenger liability in the statement

No personal injuries were found on ground contact.

The ship had 200 passengers and 80 crew members.

Another possible cost item relates to the shipowner's liabilities.

Passengers may in due time receive compensation for delays if the insurance deems compensation to be justified.

The total amount of liabilities is likely to remain quite small.

The last seven years ago, some tens of thousands of euros in compensation were paid, but at that time under Christmas the ship was full of passengers and people were on their way to celebrate Christmas.

- I suspect now the annoyances are less.

Bottom damage to be analyzed

The ship's bottom damage has been investigated and filmed and is currently being analyzed.

- They are not very easy to analyze because the water is not clear and the picture is foggy.

Today, the ship will not be moved, but the aim is to move it to the shipyard in the next few days.

It must be clarified how the hole will be sealed before transfer.

The hole is located in the center on the bow side.

Its size has not yet been determined.

- The water has entered one compartment, but there are double bottoms under several compartments.

There is water under several compartments at that bottom, Hanses told MTV News this morning.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva