After a table in Auvais, a shocking discovery was made on Sunday.

The Loimaa Animal Welfare Association told Facebook about a case where a dead cat had been found hanging from a traffic sign.

- This cat has still been warm when a bale rope has been placed around its neck and it has been effortlessly attached to the traffic sign so far that the string extension has not been completely removed from the ground, the publication said.

- Judging from the traces, the cat has an open throat before any other crafting.

The association also published two pictures of the cat taken by their volunteer, which are not suitable for the most sensitive.

The association said it had taken the matter forward and asked someone who knew about the matter to report its findings either to the association or directly to the police.

A cat owner is also needed.

Crime Commissioner Joonas Tikka from the Southwest Finland Police Department tweeted on Sunday that the police went to take the cat down.

- Someone had then decided to hang a dead cat on a traffic sign to hang.

Cats do not belong to Finnish nature or to the roads.

They don't even have to hang on traffic signs, he announced.