A very large fire broke out at a thrift store on Postjesweg in Amsterdam-West in the night from Saturday to Sunday, regional partner




The fire and the associated smoke development was so fierce that many neighboring houses had to be evacuated.

This included dozens of homes in a flat next to the fire.

The first report of the fire came around 0.30 am.

At 3.45 am the fire brigade announces that the fire is not yet under control and that there is a lot of smoke.

An attempt is made to avoid 'transfer' to the adjacent flat.

The residents of dozens of homes are being received in a nearby hotel, the fire brigade reports.

There are no known victims.

The fire brigade is present with a lot of assistance during the fire in the building of a thrift store.

The fire service has scaled up to very large fires.

The fire brigade calls on people in the vicinity of the Postjesweg to close windows and doors and to turn off their ventilation if they experience the smoke.

Because there is a lot of smoke and the fire is not yet under control, several homes are currently being evacuated in the flat next to the burning building on #postjesweg in Amsterdam.


Avatar Author Fire brigade AM Moment of places 23: 55 - September 19, 2020