U.S. President Donald Trump says on Twitter that he intends to “without delay” appoint a new Supreme Court judge to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87, who died of pancreatic cancer on Friday.

- We were voted for power so we can make decisions.

One of the most important is the appointment of judges of the Supreme Court.

We will fulfill this obligation without delay, Trump writes.

The appointment would further strengthen the position of the Conservatives in the Supreme Court jury.

Before Ginsburg's death, the Conservatives had a 5-4 majority in the Supreme Court.

Trump has already appointed two conservatives to the Supreme Court during his presidency.

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Several Supreme Court decisions follow ideological boundaries, although recently Supreme Court President John Roberts has voted in several significant judgments with liberal judges.

Mika Aaltola, director of the Foreign Policy Institute, previously estimated to STT that it may not be possible to appoint a new judge before the November presidential election.

- My own political instinct would say that it is a very difficult project to carry out, Aaltola tells STT.

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Elections will be held in the United States on November 3rd.

The appointment of a Supreme Court judge is confirmed by the Senate, and Trump’s Republican Party has a majority there, at least until the election.