Sweden’s Armand Duplantis once again rocked the world of athletics on Thursday in Rome.

A 20-year-old miracle jumper jumped the species’s new outdoor track world record of 615.

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Before Duplant, the record was held for decades by the great legend of the sport, Sergei Bubka.

His record 614 was set in 1994, also in Italy.

Bubka didn’t mind the shifting of the track record to new names.

He hurried quickly to congratulate Duplant via Twitter and continued to rejoice Friday in an interview with Expressen.

- I was really happy about it.

He’s a great guy and an amazing athlete who comes from a superfamily - I competed against his father.

It’s great to see some big star with huge potential, Bubka glowed at the young Swedish Expressen.

Armand Duplantis ’father, Greg Duplantis, jumped 580 at his best in his career. However, the son strives for completely different heights than his father - or anyone else with this ball.

The official ME result has been marked in the name of the Duplantis since February 618, when the Swede crossed a terrible height in the indoor court competitions in Glasgow.

Asked about the limits of Duplantis' performance, a former Ukrainian ME cannon said he believed the Swede would take the sport's world record to a new decade.

- I think he's jumping 620-625.

It's already close, Bubka shook.

The Swedish rocket’s rise to become a new superstar in athletics has amazed many, but Bubka saw early on what kind of talent Duplantis is all about.

- I saw early on that he is fantastic and I was pleased to see how purposefully he was committed to training every day.

In addition, he has a great character.

He is nice to everyone, including his competitors.

That’s a great thing for the species.

At the value level, Duplantis has won gold at the 2018 Berlin European Championships.

At the 2019 World Cup in Doha, he finished second.