Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a U.S. Supreme Court judge who died on Friday, should only fill the seat after the November presidential election, says Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The New York Times, among others, reports on the matter.

Opponents of President Donald Trump fear he will appoint more Conservative judges to the court.

Biden told reporters on Friday that voters should elect a president and the president should elect a candidate as a Supreme Court judge.

- This was the position that the Republican Senate took in 2016, when there was still almost 10 months to go before the election.

That’s the position the U.S. Senate needs to take today, Biden commented after Ginsburg’s death.

In his comment, Biden referred to how Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell reacted to the election of a new judge after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016.

Biden commented on Ginsburg's death after landing at an airport in Delaware.

He had just returned from a campaign trip to Minnesota.

McConnell: Trump's candidate will be voted on in the Senate

According to news site Hill and news agency AFP, McConnell confirmed Friday night that Trump’s candidate would be voted on in the Senate.

McConnell is a major ally of President Trump.

The decision was likely to anger Democrats.

These have already required McConnell to wait at least until January before he brings a possible nomination to the Senate for a vote.

Liberal judge Ginsburg died Friday at local time of complications from pancreatic cancer.

He was 87 years old at the time of his death and had held office for 27 years.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, like Biden, also insisted that a judge’s successor should not be elected before the presidential election.

Schumer’s reference to previous comments from the Senate Majority Leader was even more direct than Bideniak.

- Americans should have the right to vote in the election of the next Supreme Court judge.

For this reason, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president, Schumer wrote on Twitter, quoting McConnell’s statement four years ago word for word.

McConnell explained his speeches

Just over four years ago, Senate Majority Leader McConnell refused to allow the Senate to vote for then-President Barack Obama’s candidate to succeed Scalia.

Obama's candidate to replace Scalia was Merrick Garland.

McConnell highlighted his earlier decision in his own statement on Friday.

He based his 2016 line on how Republicans had vowed to balance power in the last days of the president’s second term, which he described as a “lame duck”.

He further mentioned that no Senate has confirmed the presidential candidate of the opposite party to the Supreme Court since the 1880s during the presidential election year.

If McConnell wins the Senate vote successfully, some Democrats believe Democrats should seek to expand the Supreme Court - if Democrats succeed in getting the Senate in the run-up to the election.

Ginsburg hoped his seat would be filled only after the election

According to the U.S. NPR channel, Ginsburg himself had told his grandson Clara Spera that his earnest wish would be that he would not be replaced until the new president came to power.

- I know he tried to persevere, for all of us.

He persevered so hard, U.S. comedian Sarah Silverman said on Twitter.

Ginsburg had contracted cancer on several occasions.

The health of an elderly liberal judge has been relentlessly monitored during Trump’s presidency.

Of the nine judges of the Supreme Court, four have been liberals.

Judges can choose to remain in office until their deaths, and thus appointments often have significant social significance for decades to come.

The U.S. Supreme Court has jurisdiction over many of the most sensitive issues that divide a nation.

The Supreme Court makes decisions on, among other things, the right to abortion, small arms, human rights and the death penalty.

Liberal judges have played an important role, among other things, in preserving the right to abortion in the United States despite attempts by the Conservatives to restrict it.

In addition, they have, among other things, prevented a significant increase in the powers of the president.

A possible Conservative appointment would cement the Conservative majority in court.

The appointment of a follower is expected to be prompt

Due to the looming presidential election in early November, Trump is expected to act quickly in appointing a successor to Ginsburg.

The Republican-led Senate is also believed to approve the appointment in record time.

According to sources in the news channel ABC News, Trump is expected to announce his candidate to replace Ginsburg in the coming days.

ABC is informed of this by several sources close to the President who have direct knowledge of the situation.

ABC sources describe the list of potential candidates as very short.

According to the news channel, there is at least one woman on the list.

Two separate sources tell ABC that Chicago-based Federal Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett is believed to be the leading candidate to succeed Ginsburg.