Siiri Lipiäinen, 24, has been anything but what she expected.

As the long-awaited Miss Plus Size final approached in March, the whole of Finland was closed in a few weeks.

Suddenly, Lipiäinen was laid off from his own work and mission dreams were forced to give way.

Although the situation was nightmarish, afterwards he recalls the matter positively.

- In its own way, it was nice, because the competition lasted longer and I had time to make a lot of friends.

One missifinalist is dealt with almost every day, Lipiäinen tells IS.

Siiri Lipiäinen moved from Kerava to Helsinki in love.

Eventually, the miss final had to be held in June on such a fast schedule that some of the finalists had to miss out.

Lipiäinen, who also carried a pre-favorite sign, was crowned the winner that day at the Hampton Bay restaurant in Helsinki.

The day was memorable.

- The victory felt really good.

The feeling was so unreal that I only realized my victory maybe after Midsummer, Lipiäinen recalls.

Participating in the legendary miss competition has been a dream of a dark-haired beauty for a long time.

- I had thought that the concept is absolutely wonderful.

The feeling only strengthened even more at work, when I am able to influence local people, their clothing and self-esteem through it.

Lipiäinen works as a store manager at the women's plus clothing store Zizz.

The summer has been busy, but Lipiäinen is still looking forward to a worthy start in the autumn.

- Spring was a really difficult time mentally.

I am a workaholic, and then right when you had to really be at home, it was a lot of getting used to.

- I might be a quirky sense that the more you do, the better.

I hardly need my own time or peace, he continues.

Participating in the legendary miss competition has been a dream of a dark-haired beauty for a long time.

Lipiäinen lives in Kallio together with his loved one Pauliina.

However, the roots are from Kerava, and he admits that moving to Helsinki at first seemed like a terrible idea.

- At first I thought I would never move to Helsinki.

I'm so suburban, Lipiäinen laugh.

- In the end, I enjoyed very well.

Before I went car everywhere, but now I'm starting to learn to go public.

Love was the reason he eventually had to turn his head.

When Lipiäinen met his girlfriend Pauliinan Tinder, who lives in Helsinki, the relationship that began with lightning fell fast.

- I ended up with Tinder originally persuaded by my mother and at first I was sure that nothing could be found here.

When Pauliina met, I immediately fell in love with her pictures and we became a match, i.e. a couple.

Soon the first dates were already arranged.

Lipiäinen went to pick up Pauliina from his home and the duo went to Jumbo's restaurant.

The evening continued with glasses of wine.

- I removed Tinder the same evening, Lipiäinen laughs.

IS readers chose Lipiäinen as their favorite in the spring. Photo: Krista Matsinen / Zenphoto

After six months of courtship the couple moved to the first joint home in the rock.

It has been three years and a half since socializing, but Lipiäinen glows that everyday life is still a headache.

The couple also share a common desire for a family.

- We are reportedly a very vomiting couple, Lipiäinen laughs.

- We talk to each other very much in praise.

In addition, I only call Pauliina by her own name if there is something more serious about it.

Otherwise, he is always dear to me.

Lipiäinen has known from an early age that he was interested in both women and men.

It has been a completely natural thing for him as well as for all his loved ones.

- I'm really lucky in the sense that I have always been free to have a relation with a woman and no one has ever commented on the issue for me negatively.

However, the path to a confident young woman has not been taken for granted, as the background of being bullied at school has left its mark.

A lot of work has been done in front of the current self-image.

- Bullying focused on primary school, but I decided early on that I was not going to care about the bully's comments.

As I walked to school, Pink So What was ringing in my ears.

Still, he still finds that certain naming words lift the hairs upright.

- I've gotten pretty good over the years, but it has taken time.

The stupid comments I hear in adulthood are often due to people not understanding their words.

- The usual statement is that “you are quite beautiful obese”.

However, the path to a confident young woman has not been a matter of course, as the background of being bullied at school has left its mark.

Lipiäinen has a suitcase in the interview, which is full of different outfits.

He is next to continue in Töölö to describe himself the first model portfolio, so the work in front of the camera will hopefully continue soon.

- I enjoyed a lot of Miss Plus Size shooting days when I got to spend the day in the company of good people and in front of the camera.

And of course eating good food, he laughs.

Lipiäinen hopes that autumn will bring more model work when he comes.

Looking to the future, Miss Miss has ambitious dreams in the media industry.

Although Lipiäinen has ended up in the commercial field, he has studied journalism at Laajasalo College.

- I love different chat programs because of the interesting guests and that you can really chat in them.

I dream that one day I too will have my own talk show.