The Aila storm, described as exceptional and very dangerous, is wreaking havoc all over Finland.

Authorities have urged in many areas to avoid moving outdoors, but in Kuopio, the autumn storm does not bow in vain.

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The Kuopio Palloseura will play in the qualifying European League qualifying match against Slovak Slovakian Slovan Bratislava from Thursday at 6.30 pm.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has predicted wind gusts of up to 20 m / s in Kuopio at night, which means that the conditions are very special for football.

According to KuPs CEO Jarmo Heiskanen, the match will be played as planned despite the terrible wind and rain.

- It has not even been discussed that it would not be possible to play today.

There's a strong wind over there and it's raining water, but at the morning's match day meeting, the issue wasn't even ignored at all, Heiskanen commented to IS on Thursday afternoon.

Juuso Ikonen, who describes the qualifying match in the box, describes the conditions during the evenings as windy, cloudy, gloomy and very wet.

According to him, special weather conditions cannot but affect the course of the match.

- At the moment, it seems that the wind is coming quite gusty from the north - and specifically from the field.

The coin toss is of great importance today, and the winning party will definitely choose the wind for the first half, Ikonen povaa.

Ikonen himself is one of the brave ones who set out to defy the storm.

Namely, he describes the match from a fragile and wooden commentary tower on the edge of the field.

Koppero doesn't actually breathe reliability.

- Yes, I'm going to climb there!

I have been promised that the structure is safe and the shack seems to still be upright, so what’s in it.

The most important thing is to be able to explain on the spot and see with your own eyes, Ikonen laughs.

However, the Kuopio-based wordmaker admits that Thursday's conditions bring a little extra excitement to their teasing football anyway.

- In a way, it is more exciting and thoughtful to climb that narrator than usual, but when the match starts, then you live so strongly in your own bubble inside the game that you don't pay much attention to your surroundings.

The plot of the couplet is simple on Thursday: the match is played until a decision is made, and the winner advances to the next qualifying round.

Slovan Bratislava will start the match as a clear pre-favorite, but Ikonen, who works as a sales negotiator at KuPS, would not consider the home team's victory to be a huge miracle.

- Neither team will hardly win in very large numbers, although Bratislava is certainly a pre-favorite.

I believe that extreme conditions can bring a moment of surprise and even out the pounds a lot.