An unemployed person has to apply for 0-4 jobs a month, depending on the place of residence and work situation.

If the job search criteria slip, the first result is a remark, the second offense is denied unemployment insurance for five days, and the third offense has a tenure period of ten days.

The principles of the Marin government's active job search model are the same as the Sipilä government's active model in the second, which was never implemented.

The model presented by Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen (sd) has invested considerably more in the services of the unemployed than in the model of the Sipilä government.

More than a thousand officials are hired in TE offices to help the unemployed turn individual employment plans for the unemployed.

Another difference is that in the future, the unemployed will decide for themselves which jobs to apply for, and the TE Office would no longer assign jobs.

- An average of one job opportunity per week should be applied for.

The existing quarantines will now be considerably more lenient, Haatainen stated.

- Registration as a jobseeker will be made smooth, and there will be more and more meetings with the TE office official, Haatainen said.

The government is not saying a word about the active model that was buried earlier this year.

Marin's active model, an individual job search model, is considerably more generous to the unemployed than the active models of the Sipilä government.

- The unemployed person must be able to fulfill the obligations imposed on him.

This principle has been deviated from once, in the context of the active model of the previous government.

The proactive model was unfair because it did not reward attempt but punished failure.

That is why it was demolished, Haatainen said.

- No one should be expected to do something they are not capable of.

Therefore, future job application can be waived if there is low work capacity, if there is no skills and also on the basis of a difficult labor market situation.

Applying for job opportunities is also made flexible.

All appointments, recruitment events, trainings, contacts, all of them are counted to apply for job opportunities, Haatainen continued.

According to Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen, the active model punished failure, in the Marin government model there will be no sanction if no work is found. Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa

Minister of Labor Haatainen did not see any links in his model to the active model.

- The slope government first dismantled the active model.

There was a compulsion for the unemployed to succeed.

Unemployment benefit was cut if he failed to find employment.

It’s an endless idea, that’s why it was abandoned.

- This model of individual job search does not require the unemployed to succeed.

It does not require him to be employed.

It only requires the unemployed to look for work.

In this model - if the unemployed person is not employed, his or her unemployment security will not be cut, Haatainen stated.

It has not yet been decided on what criteria a jobseeker could not apply for a job in any area.

Even if there were no vacancies, submitting an open job application would be considered for applying for a job.

The employment package agreed by the government in the budget dispute is aimed at 31,000 to 36,000 additional employees by the end of the decade.

According to the government's calculations, the active model second, the active job search model, would bring about 10,000 additional employees.

The TE Offices will receive an additional € 70 million to hire 1,200 officials to help jobseekers.

The most difficult part of the employment package, the fate of the removal of the pension tube, was transferred by the government to the labor organizations.

Until the end of November, the social partners will have time to negotiate how to get more than 10,000 additional jobs for older workers.