Doctor Pippa Lauka's life changed three years ago when he started starring in the You Are What You Eat series.

Laukka did not start his television career until he was 47, but quickly became a popular favorite.

Now Laukka says in an interview with Apu magazine that the television work quickly brought with it publicity.

He had previously spoken as an expert in various interviews and written columns, but it wasn’t until TV work that people began to recognize him.

Publicity has also been reflected in his work as a doctor.

Laukka has worked as a doctor for over 25 years.

He has worked in recent years, especially as a sports doctor, but decided to go to work in the emergency department after the coronary crisis began.

There, a doctor familiar from TV treats a wide variety of patients, just like any other doctor.

Laukka says in an interview with Avu that she usually introduces herself to patients at the emergency clinic as just “doctor Lauka”, as there can also be a detriment to recognizability.

Often patients still recognize him.

- One patient still asked: are you Pippa?

he tells.

Publicity has also brought negative experiences to Laukaa's life.

His style of putting people’s lives in order on TV has been severely criticized and he has come under a bit too enthusiastic fanaticism.

- One patient set aside a lot of time for my office, but always canceled it in the last minute.

Eventually, on one occasion, he came to introduce himself, which was a bit special.

I haven't got the actual stalkers on my heels, I live such a balanced and boring life, Laukka says in Avussa.

Lauka's appearance has attracted the attention of TV viewers, as the 50-year-old doctor looks amazingly young to many.

Laukka says in Avu that the attention has not exploded in his inbox, for example in the form of dating requests.

- I haven't received any dating requests or kick pictures, and I don't have to send!

I've seen enough of my work for some cock, they do not impress me, Gallop says, laughing magazine.

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Pippa Laukka specializes in sports medicine and has worked as a doctor for football players, for example. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

The public has also brought with it other types of side effects.

Laukka was the subject of a nasty scam earlier in September when a dark diet product was traded on her face on social media.

Ads spread on Facebook in the summer and early fall that adorned Laukaa’s face, but with which the doctor actually had nothing to do.

- If it's sounding too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t make people believe everything that some or the web has to offer.

Someone, apparently located outside Finland, makes advertisements on my face and in my name.

The matter is being handled by the police, Laukka writes on Facebook.

Laukka said in his account that the police and KRP have been actively investigating a diet product campaign using his name and image.

Laukka told IS in September that she was very sorry for the people who had bumped into the sled of scammers and lost money.

- Some people have been in direct contact with me.

They say they paid 180 euros and are now wondering if this wasn’t my thing.

This, of course, is detrimental to my reputation, but I am terribly annoyed by people.

I want to say, don’t be blue-eyed.

Think carefully before you start buying something online, Laukka stated.

Pippa Laukka is also involved in the new production season of the You Eat What series, which is currently being seen on television.