The Public Prosecution Service (OM) informed the court of Amsterdam on Thursday that Robin van O. came into the picture in a liquidation investigation in which he is also a suspect.

The man is on trial on Thursday during an introductory hearing for involvement in a torture chamber.

In an investigation into the preparation of a planned liquidation of Ahmet G. and Hasan M., the meanwhile arrested Patrick van M. and Rosselo van T. spoke about "brother", who would be looking for a pilot.

Brother would hit on Van O.

After Van M. and Van T. were arrested, the investigation into Van O. continued.

Finally, in June, various containers were found in Wouwse Plantage in Brabant, furnished as cells that had been made soundproof.

In one of the containers was a dental chair and torture equipment was found.

In mutual reports, there was talk about "our own EBI (Extra Secure Institution in Vught, ed.)" And "treatment room", but also just "cell" with "24/7 security".

The police could read this communication live because they had obtained access to the EncroChat application.

There was also a second warehouse in Rotterdam from which an own so-called arrest team had to move out to kidnap criminal rivals and eventually transfer them to the containers in the Wouwse Plantage to torture them.

Flashing lights, police uniforms and body armor were also found in those containers.

In addition, there were also plans to steal an arrest van from the police.

The men are suspected of preparing for kidnappings, extortion and assault with serious violence.


Police releases images of Brabant's 'torture chamber'

Roger P. named as principal

Setting up the prison for the underworld would have to do with drug trafficking and mutual rivalry.

Van O. is said to have again acted on behalf of Roger P. aka 'Piet Costa' when setting up the containers.

The latter has not (yet) been tried in this case and his lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers does not want to comment on whether his client is indeed suspected of involvement.

Van O.'s lawyer, Sanne Schuurman, denounces the image that her client is portrayed as the brain behind the torture chamber because the Public Prosecution Service has long known who the real client is.

P. is on trial in a separate criminal case and Schuurman wants access to that file.

He also wants access to all messages to be able to investigate whether there is also exculpatory communication between them.

For example, it would have been the intention to defraud client P. and to use the containers for cannabis cultivation.

The latter has stated a co-suspect.