Marco Kroon has been convicted by the military subdistrict court for urinating in public during carnival in March 2019. The soldier was given a conditional fine of 140 euros for this.

The fine of 140 euros is conditionally imposed, because Kroon has already been convicted of other criminal offenses of that day.

In December last year, Kroon was already sentenced to one hundred hours of community service because he had headbutted a police officer and showed his genitals.

Kroon did this after he was caught urinating in public.

The soldier explained during the handling of his case that because of prostate problems that conscious carnival evening in Den Bosch, he had no other choice than to urinate against a fence.

The queue at the public restrooms was so long that he couldn't hold it up.

The military subdistrict court did not agree, because Kroon could have known that there are too few toilets available at busy events.

Kroon was subject to disciplinary measures

Kroon was caught urinating in the public during Carnival night on 3 March 2019 in Den Bosch, after which a police officer approached him and fined him.

When the soldier continued to urinate and the agent called for reinforcements, the situation escalated.

Kroon headbutted one of the officers and showed his genitals to another officer.

This also earned him a conviction for violation.

Last May, the Ministry of Defense took disciplinary measures against Kroon.

This will result in a negative message in his file.

In addition, it has been decided that he "will be transferred to a position where he will focus on veteran affairs".

Kroon is included in the Military William Order because of his services in Afghanistan.

A Defense spokesperson told that his actions in Afghanistan are not under discussion and that his award will not be taken.