The Central Criminal Police (CPC) said in March last year that it had uncovered a circle of child abuse, which had, among other things, filmed and disseminated child sexual abuse material, so-called CAM material.

The material included brutal violence, especially against young boys.

The main suspect alone held more than 4,000 images and 400 hours of video footage.

Now one of the branches of that tangle was dealt with in the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court in Espoo.

The main branch will in due course be heard in the Southern Ostrobothnia District Court.

The accused in the Länsi-Uusimaa branch is three men, including the main suspect in the whole tangle, a tourism entrepreneur born in 1961.

The entrepreneur is accused in this branch of aggravated child abuse.

Another man is charged with aggravated child abuse, possession of child sexual abuse imagery, and drug use offenses.

The third man is charged only with a drug offense and has no connection to crimes against children.

Processing began on Thursday at 9.45.

The male trio responds to the charges from a free foot.

The 59-year-old chief suspect had dabbed in a gray hoodie, cap and face mask for trial.

The man in the face mask removed the graph in the courtroom after leaving the scene.

Prosecutor Leena Salovartio describes the Länsi-Uusimaa branch as a “small part” of the crime.

The prosecutor was present at the trial via video link.

The case is dealt with mainly behind closed doors.

Matters dealing with sexual offenses were declared secret.